Melanie & Greg, The Good Times Just Keep Rollin! Park City Portrait Photography; Park City Lifestyle Photography; Park City Portraits

A few weeks ago, we had more amazing company.  Our old friends Melanie & Greg showed up for a quick weekend visit with their great friends Robyn & Glenn.  To say we had an amazing time seeing them really is an injustice.  We shot their wedding many years ago, I think almost 10 years ago…and we were all in the same places in our lives, so we also developed a great friendship with them.  They are seriously two of the most loving and amazing people we’ve ever know.  Such supportive friends and just really doing super cool adventures in life.  They and their awesome friends made time for portrait shoots and I’ll be blogging Robyn & Glenn next week.  I can’t tell you how happy it makes my heart to know how happy they are. Their love has just become even more incredible with age. Seeing them just made me miss them 100 times more.    But man was it an awesome, fun visit!! Mel & Greg, come back soon!!  Just a couple quick pics…but truly, there were so many I loved. 

Blogmania!! Families, Families, Families!! Park City Family Photographer; Park City Family Portraits; Park City Photography

It has been a crazy summer.  So much fun in just a short period of time; I’m really going to miss summer this year.

It’s also been an extremely special summer; I was lucky enough to photograph the families of several friends this summer and lots of headshots.  One, my former coworker, Jason and his beautiful daughter Liv, and another, my best friend from the fourth grade, Devon and her beautiful family and lastly my amazingly beautiful friend Jamie and her adorable family.  I’ve been photographing Jamie’s family for years and I cannot get over how grown up the kids are now.  They were just so little when I first began to photograph them. Sigh….  It was beyond a blessing to cross paths with these old friends this summer but besides that, I’ve been photographing so many amazing families.  22 shoots in four weeks.  Some of them are becoming old friends too as I’ve been shooting them year after year, and some are new friends!

This blog post is just a handful of those shoots, but I wanted to share.  It’s been a whirlwind this summer, but a summer of incredible people and photos is my kind of summer.  Love to all of these beautiful families!    

Power Couple; Corey Curwick Dutton & Jay Dutton; Park City Headshot Photography; Park City Environmental Portraits

A few weeks ago, I was lucky enough to photograph two amazing professionals; Corey Dutton Curwick & Jay Dutton.  Both are power houses in their respective businesses, but both were looking to create a professional image that would fit who they are in their lives and also an image that would tell more of the story of their experience to their clients.  And I truly believe we accomplished just that.

I think Corey, who is the President & Founder of Private Money Utah, is one of the most beautiful women out there; strong, professional, active and absolutely loves the outdoors.  She really has got it together in a great balance of work and play.  She works insanely hard for her clients, and delivers on her promises.

Jay also loves the outdoors and the urban cool lifestyle; he’s so stylish that he reminds me of one of those cool skate kids of my time who grew into an amazing business person with savvy and city smarts.  As the CEO of his company, Jay is an absolute genius when it comes to SEO and his company Double Clutch Marketing is growing incredibly.  Just the type of people I love to work with.  Corey & Jay, thank you for trusting your professional images to me and I hope you love these amazing pics!  CJ

New Headshots for the Gilbert Team! Park City Headshot Photography, Las Vegas Headshot Photography


The last two weeks have been a bit busy as I’ve been doing quite a few professional headshots;  mostly environmental headshots which are a great way to recreate or improve your professional avatar or headshot for your marketing materials.  First up is the Gilbert Team, which is a power house of realtors in the Las Vegas Valley.  I just love these new shots and they do too! Just a great way to kick off summer with new gorgeous photos of a gorgeous team of realtors!fran-team