Rachel, Ron and their boys!! ADORABLENESS!! Las Vegas Portrait Photography

Last week I also had a great time shooting our awesome friends Rachel & Ron and their adorable boys David & Daniel.  I LOVE THIS FAMILY!! Rachel & Ron are two of the absolute nicest people you’d ever meet.  And they are so patient with these boys.  Boys have soooo much energy, but these two were masters at corraling them into photo fun.  But I have to say that overall their boys are just pure sunshine.  So sweet and loving.  I just love their little persons:)

Rachel & Ron, hope you enjoy a quick sneaker peeker!! Love you both! 0206145A 0208145A0210145A 0209145A 0213145A 0211145A 0212145A  0215145A 0217145A 0222145A 0223145A 0224145A

Nicole & Eric Are Having a Baby!! Las Vegas Baby Photography!

This past weekend I was swamped with shoots.  But luckily one of those shoots was a maternity session for two amazing people, Nicole & Eric.  They’re expecting their first baby and I couldn’t be happier for them!! Nicole has been such an amazing friend to me for so many years, it was a complete joy to spend the morning with both of them since she’s relocated to Costa Mesa.  I sure do miss her and our girl time, but I’m so so so glad to hear she’s going to have a new baby girlfriend soon, little Kaydence.

Nicole and Eric, love you both so much and hope you enjoy this quick little sneaker peeker!! MUAH!! T0192145A  0195145A 0197145A0202145A 0198145A0193145A 0200145A  0201145A 0203145A

Greg & Randi and Their Adorable Baby Girl Sunny! Park City Portrait Photography; Park City Family Photos

Sunday was a great day cause I spent the morning with this little cutie!! Sunny is sooooo CUTE!! And her parents are adorable too!  Randi is a friend of mine and little Sunny & Giada share story time and lunch together whenever we all have a chance.  For the holidays, her mommy Randi wanted something really fun for the  so Sunny was dressed in red with the perfect little red bow and a holiday book to tie it all together!  Randi & Greg just adore this little sweetheart and she has the most engaging and amazing dark eyes.  It was hers & their first shoot, so we were all having fun getting Sunny to engage in the camera on a cold, wet morning.  But she did great!

Randi & Greg, thank you so much for letting me document your little family:) More coming your way soon!  Lots of love, TrishFF173 FF175 FF162 FF163

Love this shot…it says…you mean there’s still MORE photos???FF168 FF177 FF169 FF170 FF176b FF172 FF178

Ashlon & Leslie and Their Beautiful Family! Park City Portrait Photograher, Park City Family Photography

Been a busy week, and today I photographed another awesome family!  Ashlon & Leslie are my neighbors and their son Creighton was visiting for the weekend, so they thought it was a great opportunity for a family shoot.  I agreed, so we made it happen!  And luckily we still got some awesome fall color and tall grasses before the cold takes it all away.

Their kids are adorable!  And let me say this, without Creighton’s help today, I’m not sure I would have gotten all the cool captures of the twins.  He and Leslie were working super hard to get these two to cooperate and participate.  And I think the results are pretty wonderful!

Ashlon & Leslie, thanks for rallying and getting everyone going so early.  And hope you enjoy this quick sneak peek!!  xoxo, TrishFF164 FF168 boys FF177 FF161 FF179 FF182 FF172 FF184 FF183 FF181 two

The Blankenship Family & Oliver’s First Shoot! Park City Baby Photography! Park City Photography

Today was a really fun day shooting Steve & Annette Blankenship and their absolutely adorable son, Oliver.

Kind of a funny story; basically Oliver & Giada, my daughter, have become best friends.  Annette & I were in the same birthing class at the hospital prior to the birth of our children.  I had to leave the class early cause of some work/moving/family issues, and she looked me up on facebook.  And since then, we’ve become really great friends as well as “mom sounding boards” for each other.  She and her husband Steve are just wonderful people and we’re so excited to have Giada grow up with Ollie.  He’s just got the most beautiful, sweet spirit and a constant smile.  Just love, love, love this little boy!

Anyway, today was their first professional shoot, so I really wanted to do a great job.  Hopefully everyone will love these photos cause there were so many great ones that it was tough to choose what to blog:).  Annette & Steve, we love you guys!! Enjoy the sneak peek of your adorable, beautiful baby!OL041OL020 OL021OL016 OL017 OL018 OL028 OL019  OL043 OL024 OL029  OL044 OL030

Mallory & Stan Married at Heritage Park, Salt Lake City! Salt Lake City, Utah Wedding Photography

Had a fun Saturday night despite an insane storm dropping into Salt Lake and making it rain like crazy!  I was out photographing Mallory & Stan’s wedding at Heritage Park.  This super sweet young couple had a beautiful little wedding at this absolutely gorgeous venue!  Mallory was a stunning bride despite bronchitis and a sinus infection and Stan was more fun than a barrel of monkeys!  These two lovebirds are going to have an awesome life together with the love and support of their amazing family and friends.
Mallory & Stan, I wish you all the happiness in the world:) Love you guys and enjoy the sneak peek! xoxo, TrishD15_0651 2 D15_037 D15_040him D15_042 Untitled-1  out D15_054 two D15_061 D15_056 D15_069 D15_066 D15_071 D15_090 rec D15_086 rec2