Little Xavier is Six Months Old!! Las Vegas Photographer; Park City Portrait Photographer

Last weekend I had the extreme pleasure of seeing Amie & Wayne and their little bundle of love, Xavier!

Boy I wish this kid would smile more!:):)LOL!  He’s obviously so far beyond loved it’s just pure magic to be around him.  He’s so sweet and adorable, the entire time I was shooting him I just wanted to hug him and kiss his little cheekies!!  And I also love seeing his mommy and daddy cause we were pregnant at the same time so we always have such a great time catching up.  Just love this beautiful little family:)

Ok Amie & Wayne…get ready for cuteness overload!!! I seriously could have put like 40 photos into this blog post!! Muah! TrishTSCR417 TSCR420 TSCR418 TSCR421 TSCR422 TSCR424 TSCR426 TSCR429 TSCR419 TSCR431 TSCR432

Little Keanu is Here! Las Vegas Newborn Photography; Park City Newborn Photography

Well Diana finally had her baby after working so hard to get to full term!  But she didn’t quite make it and boom! Little Keanu is here!!  And he is ADORABLE!! But he really really really didn’t want to sleep…it was just too exciting for a little guy at 5 days old!

As I was going through the images I actually even texted Diana to let her know how cute this baby is.  He’s got a very sweet demeanor and seemed pretty entertained by his older brother during the shoot who kept photobombing us, but that actually just added to the phone.  Diana & Jason, I wish you both so much happiness with this gorgeous baby!! I hope you enjoy this quick sneak peek cause there are tons more images coming your way!! Much love, TrishTSCR417 TSCR421 TSCR419 TSCR423 TSCR420 TSCR424 TSCR418 TSCR422

Daman & Joseph Are Married!! Park City Wedding Photography; Park City Wedding Photographer

Last week I had a super fun session with my good friends and hairdressers Daman & Joseph.  These two have shared a love and something very special for a very long time.  When the decision was first presented to allow same-sex unions, they of course wanted to be married right away.  So of course, once they were married I was super excited to gift them with a photo shoot to celebrate!! But that was cut very short.  They were so disappointed when the decision was over turned, you could just sense their heart break.

Fast forward to a few months ago, the decision was finally over turned by federal judges–so they are now married OFFICIALLY and it is for REAL!!  Daman & Joseph, we are so happy for you both in this long awaited decision.  And so excited for you to continue this amazing chapter in your lives.  It only gets better once you’re married, especially when you’re married to the right person.  Hope you both enjoy your sneak peek.  There are tons of super fun photos coming your way.  Love you guys!! TrishTSCR429 TSCR427 TSCR428 TSCR425 TSCR424 TSCR422 TSCR419 TSCR423 TSCR420 TSCR418

Congrats Natasha & Skyler!! Park City Wedding Photography; Park City Wedding Photographer

This past weekend I had the wonderful honor of photographing a wedding for two people I absolutely adore; Natasha & Skyler.  When we moved to Park City, we had a very difficult time finding a place to rent because we had two doggies.  And just about no one in Park City wants to rent to someone with dogs…until we met Natasha’s mom and dad, Anette & Clark.  We met them and they were just amazing to us, and we quickly decided we definitely wanted to rent from them.  They were so kind, loving and generous, we just sort of adopted them as our Park City family, and that meant that all their wonderful children became our family too.  Natasha is their daughter and when they asked me to photograph her wedding, I just had to do it.  I very very much wanted to shower Natasha & Skyler with all the photo love I could.

Natasha has become like a sister to me.  She’s such a beautiful person inside and out we just have so much fun when we’re all together.  And Skyler is her perfect match.  He’s so sweet and funny, Natasha didn’t stand a chance but to fall in love with him.

They are now a beautiful pair, husband and wife.  And Jared & I know they’re going to have the most amazing life together because between both their families, there’s so much love and support, that love can only flourish in that environment.  Natasha & Skyler, we love you guys and hope you enjoy your sneak peek.  SO EXCITED FOR YOU BOTH!!! MUAH!!! GFt040 t1 t3 T2 GFt021 GFt013 GFt023 GFt024 FS GFt014 GFt041 GFt045 GFt036 GFt039 ceremony GFt016 GFt014 GFt013   GFt017GFt027 GFt032 GFt035GFt033 GFt018 GFt034 GFt041detailsGFt083 GFt082toast cake dan GFt095

The Goff Family Photo Session! Park City Family Photography

Sunday was an early start for this very sweet family, but the Goff’s got up early for a quick photo shoot so they could have their holiday cards all wrapped up early this year!  They’re here visiting friends and Susie is a big fan of photography.  So when she contacted the gallery about family photos, my hubby thought we’d be a great fit!  And their beautiful family is going to grow by two more later this year as their daughter in law Kelly is expecting twins!  Such a wonderful blessing!  She looked gorgeous!

Anyway, thank you Goff family for getting up so early and spending your morning with me.  Hope you enjoy your quick sneak peek and enjoy the rest of your vacation!:)  much love, TrishGF002 GF004 GF009 GF006 GF011 little GF010 twolittles Untitled-1 GF015 GF018

Avery Is Growing Up!

A few weeks ago Jessica, Nick and myself decided we would take little Avery, their daughter to SLC for some much cooler, less traditional photos.  And of course in her adorable, curious style, she was overwhelmed at all the noises, colors and traffic of the big city.  But we still managed to have some fun and get some cool pics at one of the many graffiti walls that litter the city.  Here’s a quick sneak peek of the fun!  4F0A1346  4F0A1364 4F0A1482 4F0A14424F0A1509b 4F0A1458 4F0A1532b

Crystal & Tom Celebrate 25 Years and Their Mother & Father Celebrate 50 Years!

When I’m married for 50 years, it is my absolute goal to look as happy and very much in love as these two do:).  This weekend I photographed a very sweet family who celebrated two milestones; a 50 Year anniversary and a 35 Year anniversary!  And they were here in Park City celebrating with the entire family.  So it seemed like a great time for a huge family photo.  So we did just that!  Everyone was up good and early on Saturday looking their best and ready for some photo fun.  Of course it was gorgeous out here in Park City because it’s summer and that’s the absolute best time to be here.

This family was just adorable.  Very loving and just very happy to be together.  Crystal, Tom and the rest of the family, thank you for being patient with the wind and the sun.  Hope you enjoy a quick sneak peek of your photos.  Lots and lots more coming very soon!! Much love, Trish4F0A2499---Version-2 4F0A2474 4F0A2620   4F0A26144F0A2289 4F0A2319 4F0A2349 4F0A2396 CR041 4F0A2418