Baby Amelia is Here!! Hooray!! Las Vegas Newborn Photography!

Last weekend I also had the absolute joy of seeing Lawrence & Sarah and their brand new baby girl Amelia!  It was great to see them and meet this little lady!! She’s such a doll!  She was so busy growing during our session, it seemed like she just kept eating and then giving us a few moments of her time…and then eating..and then eating…and then eating!! And it was just awesome to see these two new parents so in love with this little girl.
Lawrence & Sarah, hope you enjoy this quick sneak peek.  Lots more fun stuff coming soon!! xoxo, Trish0164SM Untitled-2 0166SM Untitled-1Some added baby security from Kenzie and Nuke!! 0180SM 0183SM0181SM 0186SM

Melissa & Paco Finally Have a Boy!!! Las Vegas Newborn Photography, Park City Newborn Photography

Well, last week was just a ton of fun!  So many new babies to welcome and photograph and seeing clients I love so much was just wonderful.  Two of my favorites, Melissa & Paco, who’s children I’ve photographed for years, welcomed a beautiful baby boy! And he’s a big, strong boy at that!  What an adorable little man!!  Grayson is just broad shouldered and beautiful!

So we had a fun morning of giggling, reminiscing and just loving this big man!  Melissa & Paco, just love you guys and all of your babies.  Enjoy the quick sneak peek! xoxo, Trish0162SM 0154SM 0155SM 0158SM 0159SM 0160SM 0152SM

Marc & Susan and Family Visit Park City!! Park City Family Photography, Park City Portraits, Park City Photos

Had a fun shoot this past weekend with an awesome new family!  Well, since they are a referral from another awesome family I guess I’m not surprised that they rocked their photo shoot!  Marc & Susan and their beautiful kids were just super nice people.  And their son Reid was such a sport.  The snow was really deep and of course he was all dressed for the shoot and took a fall immediately upon arrival.  So he was chilly for the shoot but still got in there with his “A” game and just made it look like he was cozy and warm!  Susan & Marc, thanks for letting me document your family.  You guys were just wonderful.  Made taking photos of you easy and fun!! Much love, T0002g 0005g two 0003g 0001g  0007g

The Grgas Family Enjoying the Holidays! Deer Valley Family Photography, Deer Valley Family Portraits

Happy New Year Everyone!!   Yesterday was a crazy day with New Years Eve and all that’s happening…lots of folks here in town for the holidays and one family was brave enough to face -4 degree temperatures for their early morning shoot!  The Grgas family!
A super sweet family, they were ready to go for the early morning but boy was it chilly outside!! We had a good time any way…:)  In the beginning the kids were sort of with us for being agreeable, but that vanished pretty quickly.  So we all did our best to keep everyone happy and having fun.  Grgas family, thank you so much for having me in your home and sharing part of your vacation with me for photos.  Hope you enjoy the quick sneak peek!  Cheers! Trish0016g 0012g 0004g 0006g 0007g 0009g 0011g 0014g 0017g 0020g 0019g