The Hamlin Family! Deer Valley Holiday Portraits

Had a short and sweet visit with the very sweet Hamlin family.  And when I say short and sweet, it became that way because Cheryl’s daughter was having contractions and seemed like she was possibly going into labor!

But let me say, she was doing her absolute best to be a trooper and she was just an absolutely adorable pregnant mommy:).  Not to mention the rest of Cheryl’s family, just so kind and so wonderful, it was like we were all working together to get a few photos as quickly as possible so they could get on their way back to California.

Cheryl, thank you so much for having me; I promise the next time you’re in Deer Valley, we’ll have a seriously amazing photo shoot so we can capture all the fun stuff we didn’t get to get this time.  Wishing you all the best for a wonderful, safe delivery of your next grandchild and a very Happy New Year!  Much love, Trish


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Bill & Wendy and their beatiful kids! Park City Family Photography

This past Saturday, I was out shooting and having fun with the Hornbuckle family at their gorgeous Park City home.   Bill contacted me a few weeks ago to schedule a surprise Park City Family Holiday photo shoot for his wonderful wife Wendy and I was of course glad to oblige!  I love shoots where the husband surprises his wife!  Mostly because it takes some effort to keep a photo shoot from your spouse especially a woman as amazing as Wendy:).  But we managed to keep it all a secret and I’m hoping that  Wendy will be very happy with the photos!  They have a beautiful family, a magnificent home and we were even lucky enough to get a bit of a sunset and some snowflakes captured in the images!

Bill & Wendy, thank you so much for having me in your home to document your beautiful family.  Wishing you all a wonderful trip back to Vegas and a Happy New Year!  Cheers! TrishBH0010 BH0007 BHb0002 BHb0003   three BH0005 BH0006 BH0016BHb0005 BH0020BHb0006 BH0022

Susan & Miles and their big beautiful family! Park City Family Photography



On Christmas Eve, Susan & Miles invited me to photograph their family as they celebrated their getaway to a gorgeous home in Park City Utah!

This wonderful, beautiful, big family was a blast!! There was no lack of love in this house as they all came together to ski, have fun and celebrate the holidays.  They were all so polite and so sweet, it was just wonderful to be around them on the holiday.   It seemed like I was there for quite sometime, but I think in the end, I was only shooting for about an hour or so.  But the results were GORGEOUS!  It was the perfect location for Park City Family Portraits; they even got a glorious sunset with a fabulous sky!  It was just snowy and stunning where the home was, which really added to the photo experience.

What was more fun was that on Christmas day, we ran into Susan & Miles, first ski run of the day!  It was a gorgeous day for skiing, blue skies, new gear for all of us and fun!

Wishing you and your beautiful family lots of love and prosperity for the new year!! Muah! Trish


Rex and Adelaide at the beginning of the shoot-all smiles and enthusiasm!

SF0001 SF0002 TWOgirl

Then we gradually started to lose their attention…

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Miles asked me to shoot a few photos of just his GORGEOUS wife, and I of course was glad to oblige; Susan is STUNNING!

SF0039 SF0043 SF0045 family SF0050 SF0051c tree

The kids finally just gave into sleep…but I think the whole family was ready for a nap!

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Baby Avery is 4 months old!! Park City Family Photography

Spent the day yesterday with one of my most favorite babies for a Park City Newborn Photography session; little Miss Avery!!  She is such a complete bundle of joy!! Every time I see this adorable baby, she’s always so happy and smiley, it’s always tons of fun.

What’s more is that little Avery and mommy & daddy had just flown in from a busy week of travel…so I really appreciated Jessica & Nick taking the time to make photos fun and a priority…but I quickly learned why….:) Jessica and Nick’s mom had both invested in a fun little holiday outfit for little Avery…she was a little santa and an elf!  It was sooooo funny!! We were all just cracking up!!

Either way, Jessica & Nick, always love seeing you guys and little Avery!  Thank you so much for having me at your mother’s home and hope you enjoy your sneaker peeker!! Lots more fun photos coming soon!  Much love, TrishAV20046 AV20031

Loving their new Christmas photo!! Thank you Avery for making it so memorable!!

AV20032  AV20034

The outfit change…here’s where Avery discovered she was going to be Santa!

Untitled-1 AV20043  AV20047 AV20048 AV20049 AV20050

After we finished shooting outside…someone decided that our basket was the perfect spot for a dog photo op!:)


Jacquelyn & Pedram are having a baby!! Park City Maternity Photography


Had an awesome Maternity shoot last week here in Park City with two wonderful people; Jacquelyn & Pedram!! I was  so excited to share this bit photo op with them because we photographed their wedding in Las Vegas about two years ago, and what can I say…we all simply fell in love with each other!:)  When we met, we just had an instant connection.  They were just so fun, so happy and so in love, it was absolutely contagious!

So when they gave me a shout to schedule maternity photos here in Park City, I of course said…um…YES YES YES!!! And of course, they did not disappoint!  They brought their good looks, their marvelous sense of humor and of course, their adorable baby bump to the shoot!  It was so much fun and they had an incredible sky!! Thank you Utah for this amazing sunset!
Pedram & Jac, we LOVE YOU GUYS!! And we’re so excited for the arrival of little baby “Jared Mizani!”  I hope our paths cross again soon, but until then, this was such a wonderful visit!! Love you both and excited for this new chapter in your lives to start!!! Muah!! TrishJPM0029 JPM0023 JPM0004 JPM0005 JPM0020 JPM0027

Pedram wanted his own super model moment…so I was glad to oblige….Untitled-1 JPM0018 JPM0014 JPM0002 JPM0025JPM0026 JPM0003

Amy, Reagan & Shanice-A beautiful little family! Park City Holiday Portraits

Had a super super fun time Saturday with Amy and her beautiful daughters Reagan & Shanice (hope I’m spelling it right Shanice, sorry if I’m not:)).  So….Amy and I spent all week going back and fourth about whether or not we would shoot on Saturday because of the weather man telling us it was going to snow…90% of snow…possibility of a major dump on Saturday….and so on and so fourth…but finally Saturday morning Amy and I decided to just go for it!  So, we did! AND….I think it was totally worth it!! It was COLD outside…but not terrible for like 5 degrees….:)  But Amy and the girls just decided to BRING IT!! And…BRING IT they did!! And their photos are just adorable!!

They are such a sweet bunch and beautiful smiles to boot!  Was a complete pleasure spending the day with them for photos.  We started the day at the beautiful Hotel Park City and then ended up in the aspens and the snow!!! Just had a great time with this wonderful family that I’m thinking we should do it all again next weekend too!!:)

Amy & Amy’s beautiful girls, you guys are AMAZING!! Thank you for playing along with my photo fun and for bringing all of your enthusiasm!!  Hope you enjoy a quick sneak peek and know that there are TONS more photos coming your way very very soon!!

Much love! Trish

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I was thinking it was a good time for a quick snowball fight…excited I was the target!!

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Jacque’s Senior Session! Park City Senior Portraits!


Had a super fun day last Sunday spending the afternoon with Jacque for her Park City Senior Portraits!  She’s the niece of two of my favorite people, Tanya & Bryan, and the daughter of Kristi, one of my newest favorite people!  This young lady is beautiful!  Amazing eyes that just jump out at you and a wonderful spirit!  She’s got super fun energy and the hops to prove it!  She’s in dance and sampled some of her jumps for us, which was AWESOME!!  She’s spunky and funny and just my kinda girl!!

Jacque, hope you had as much fun as I did capturing you!! And I’m sorry your ballet shoes got so dirty…hope you were able to get all the mud and goop out:).  Here’s to hoping your Senior year is the best year ever!! Much love, Trish JS0002 JS0011 JS0012 JS0004  JS0001 JS0008