The Kinsley Family In the Aspens for Father’s Day!! Park City Portrait Photography

Had a super fun morning on Father’s day spending the day with Angela, Chris, Ronin, Garrett, Angus (their faithful pooch) & Chris’ mom Barbara for a quick father’s day shoot!

What a wonderful adorable family! Baby Garrett was literally ALL SMILES!! And once little Ronin warmed up to the idea of photos, he became quite a smiley little guy too!  They were great company and they also brought along Barbara so she could sneak in a few pics with the kids and family as well.    These two are such loving parents and are so patient with these babies, that they were a total joy.  You can just tell these boys are loved and that family means a lot to Angela & Chris:).    Kinsley Family, thank you for coming up to Park City and for letting me capture your beautiful family!! Hope you enjoy the sneak peek!! Much love, Trish0017AKb 0011AK 0008AK 0004AK 0005AKb 0007AK 0006AK 0001AK 0015AK

The Wineman Family at Nelson! Las Vegas Portrait Photography!

Had a super fun Sunday last weekend with the Wineman Family out at Nelson!  It’s such an awesome place to shoot with tons of cool junk, but boy was it HOT!!  Everyone was in super good spirits and ready to have a good picture taking time, which was great and Papa Wineman even brought a cooler of goodies!!
We’ve been photographing this wonderful family for years and they’re always all smiles and happiness; a total joy to be around.  Not to mention they brought Jared and I an adorable baby gift, which we absolutely appreciated and loved.  Hope you guys enjoy the sneak peek!! Much love! Trish & Jared0001GA 0002GA 0003GA 0004GA 0005GA 0012GA 0008GA 0009GA 0013GA 0016GA 0017GA 0018GA 0023GA  0024GA