The Viado Family in Las Vegas!! Park City Family Photographer; Park City Photography; Las Vegas Photographer

A few weeks ago during my last Vegas shooting trip, I had a super fun time photographing one of my favorite families; the Viado family.  I first met them when we photographed Lourdes & Brian’s engagement photos, and then their adorable son Jace’s baby photos.  Soon after her sister Cari met this amazing man named Geofrey and they were married and welcomed a beautiful baby girl named Zenyatta.  And this time, I was lucky enough to photograph not only, Cari, Geofrey, Zen, Lourdes, Brian and Jace, but also their extended immediate family and Geofrey’s sister and son.  It was a super fun time because I just love how happy this family is.  They’re always so joyous and filled with laughter it never feels like work.  And in my mind, I really believe the photos show it!! That love for them translates into amazingly beautiful photos.

Viado family, thank you so much for continuing to include me in your lives and in your family photo fun.   Your family has always felt like my family to me.  Love you guys!! Trish 0026CV 0280CV 0009CV 0095CV 0315CV 0172CV 0139CV 0156CV 0292CV multi

The Swisher Family in Park City! Park City Family Photography; Park City Portraits; Park City Portraits

And now to one of my favorite families in Park City; The Swishers:).  These people are just some of  the nicest, sweetest and most loving people I’ve met since coming to Park City.  I’ve been photographing their family for a few years now and it’s always a total joy to see them.  They’re just such happening people and their kids are so friendly and fun, it’s just always awesome to see them.  And I LOVE their photos!! Shooting in snow is just the best!  And they love doggies too!!

Lisa & Stephen, thank you again for having me in your home and sharing part of your family holiday with me.  Excited to see more of you guys soon! Much love, Trish0099AA 0052AA 0062AA 0142AA 0180AA 0198AA

The Duke Family In Las Vegas! Family Portrait Photography, Family Portrait Photographer

My last shoot in Vegas was with a family that we pretty much call family; The Duke Family.  I’ve been photographing these adorable babies since they joined us in this world.  They are simply the cutest. most loving twins.  They are so affectionate with mommy & daddy and each other, it just makes me feel great to know they’re on this planet with these wonderful parents.

We dealt with super high winds most of the shoot, but it barely phased these folks.  They were resolve to have a great shoot, and so it was!  We just ignored the wind and pushed forward!! And the result were some beautiful photos!  Tanya & Bryan, we love you guys.  Thank you for all of your love and support through the years.  I’m always so glad to see you both!  You and your children are pure sunshine.  Love to you all.  Enjoy your sneak peek!! 0023TB 0024TB 0037TB 0034TB 0025TB 0021TB 0030TB 0026TB 0036TB 0044TB 0041TB

Little Baby Jameson is Here and Right On Time! Newborn Portrait Photography

Last weekend was a whirlwind of fun seeing so many of my favorite people and meeting someone who is new to the world; Little Jameson.  Could this baby be any cuter or any sweeter?  He had a hard time sleeping at the shoot because he was so excited about his first photo session, but I know he was having a good time.  I’m pretty sure this is the first time I’ve seen a baby smile this many times in the first five minutes of a shoot!  He’s obviously getting a lot of love and attention from some pretty awesome parents, grandparents and aunts and uncles…oh and of course, his adorable cousins too!

Laurel & Dan, congratulations on this beautiful miracle.  He’s simply adorable.  Love to all of you and hope you enjoy your quick sneak peek.  I know how anxious you are about seeing your gorgeous pics, so I got your blog post up ASAP!!:):) love you all! 0045LD0048LD 0049LD 0050LD 0051LD 0052LD 0054LD   0055LD 0057LD

4th of July Photography Fun for the Morse & Wirges Families! Park City Family Portraits

The holiday week here in Park City has been really crazy busy this year!! But it’s just wonderful to be in this gorgeous place for the holidays.  And part of that fun this year was photographing the entire Morse family as well as their in-laws, the Wirges family.

It was a fun morning out at the McPolin Barn last Sunday morning.   And of course the entire Morse family looked amazing as usual.   Their grandchildren are absolutely adorable and sweet as can be and this time, I got to meet William and Asher as well as Charlotte and Madeline.   All of their grandchildren are so well behaved it’s just hard not to get an adorable photo of them:).   So I’m blogging lots of grandchildren photos today cause I just love the photos.

To both of these wonderful families, thank you for letting me document your families.  It was a bit crazy, but I think the final photos are beautiful!! Much love, Trish0004SM     0002SMb 0008SMb0025SMb0007SMb 0009SMb0021SMb 0006SMb 0023SMb 0014SMb 0015SMb0026SMb    0022SMb  0029SMb 0019SMb 0013SMb

Geoffrey & Cari Welcome Baby Zenyatta!! Las Vegas Newborn Photography, Park City Newborn Photography, Park City Photography

This week I made a quick trip to Vegas to shoot one of my new favorite families; Geoffrey, Cari and their new baby Zenyatta!! This baby is just SO CUTE!!  First of all, she slept for the entire shoot…which really helps in making these adorable images.  Secondly, she is such a smiley little girl.  Just sleepy and smiley at the same time.  Such a wonderful combination.  And I also met another family member of theirs….their little doggie Clayton.  As everyone knows, I’m a dog nut.  I just love, love, love dogs and often times find myself speaking to them like people.  And Clayton was no different.  He’s now Clayton the watch dog of his new best friend.  He’s going to be a great big brother:)  So, we of course had to include him in the shoot.

Cari & Geoffrey, thank you for sharing this incredibly special time in your lives with me.  I just love your family– you guys and your wonderful sister and brother in law and little Jace.  You’re all such amazingly loving people, I feel very lucky to have met all of you.  Hope you enjoy this quick sneak peek…there’s lots more coming!! Much love, Trish0060zb 0066zb 0065zb 0070zb 0069zb 0067zb 0059bwzb 0062zb

Sophia is 1!! Las Vegas Baby Photography! Park City Baby Photography!

A few weeks ago I had a chance to spend time with a few of my favorite peeps: Rich, Sarah, my future son-in-law Sebastian, and of course, their beautiful birthday girl SOPHIA!!

I’m pretty sure Sophia might have been totally confused about how she arrived at the mountains.  She of course looked absolutely adorable because she’s just the cutest little girl…but she seemed to constantly be wondering…what am I doing in all these trees:).  But of course, she loves, loves, loves her mama.  And Sarah is such a great mom.  Super dedicated to these kiddos and just always there with hugs and love to keep them happy.  Daddy is also a super star and Sebastian is hooked! These two seem to be inseparable.  Hanging out like two peas in a pod.  Just so fun to be watching this family not only grow, but also grow up:)

Robledo family, you are one of my favorites:)  Love you guys and thank you for sharing a super fun morning with me in the mountains.  Sophia is just as sweet as honey; Happy birthday baby girl!! xoxo, Trish0006RF 0001RF 0001RFb 0003RF 0004RF 0005RF0011RF 0013RF 0014RF  0012RF0016RF

Baby Hannah is Finally Here!! Park City Newborn Photography, Park City Baby Photographer

It has been an awesome week of fun shoots and to boot, last week I got to photograph someone we love very much; little Hannah and her mommy & daddy.  Sarah & Robert, Hannah’s parents are pretty special to us.  Sarah used to work for us at the studio and she seriously has some of the most gorgeous wedding photos we’ve ever photographed.  And having her share her newborn baby experience with me just really was amazing.  So awesome to see these two as parents.  Talk about two people who are just going to be the best mom & dad ever! Sarah & Robert, we love you and now we love little Hannah too!! Enjoy a quick sneak peek!! xoxo, Trish0250SRH 0246SRH 0236SRH 0245SRH 0237SRH 0243SRH 0247SRH

The Trindade Family at Wetlands Park! Las Vegas & Park City Family Photography!!

The Sunday fun continued with an awesome shoot with a super fun new family; the Trindades!!  This adorable family with these adorable boys and a new baby on the way were just completely up for fun as it was their first family photo shoot.:)

We hit Wetlands Park and it was just the perfect time of day; great skies, hardly anyone there and basically the whole place to ourselves.  The kids were just having a good ole’ time running around and Diana & Jason were just being an awesome mom and dad having fun with them.  It was the perfect day for family fun in the park and photos!

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