A Fun Morning With The Espejos!! Las Vegas Portrait Photography Park City Portrait Photography

Sunday morning was wonderful.  A beautifully crisp day in Vegas before the fierce heat came along and made it no fun to be outside.  But….while it was fun and gorgeous out…Courtney & Isaac and their gorgeous little girls Charlie & Grace made some time to hang out with me at Floyd Lamb State Park for a quick round of photos.   Can I just say that I’ve been shooting these little girls since they were very little and in Gracie’s case, a giant beautiful  baby, and each time I see them, I cannot get over how much they’ve grown and how absolutely beautiful they become.  They are both just so adorable and stunning, they are just awesome to photograph.  And in Charlie’s case, she’s so funny and cheeky, it’s great to watch her interact with mommy and daddy.  Courtney & Isaac, you are in so much trouble when she grows up…:)

Courtney & Isaac, we love you guys.  Thank you for continuing to be a part of our lives.  I can’t wait for you to come to Park City so I can photograph you here, but until then, let’s all just keep getting up early to avoid the heat and have fun!! Love you guys!! Enjoy the sneak peek!! xoxo, Trish

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Kathy & Ben Welcome Little Kaitlyn! Las Vegas Newborn Photography, Park City Newborn Photography

I spent last Friday with a few of my absolute favorite people; Kathy, Ben their little boy Reese and their new, just about 3 month daughter, Kaitlyn (I hope I’m spelling her name right:)).  Can I just say that Kaitlyn is so absolutely adorable, that we all we’re just giggles and smiles the entire shoot.  She is such a sweet baby girl who was making her little “coos” throughout the shoot making us all feel super happy!!  She is just adorable!

Kathy & Ben have been amazing to work with; they are just some of the sweetest, most loving people on earth and I’m so happy to see their family grow.  Every time I’m in their presence or at their home, it feels like I’m at home because they are so welcoming and it always feels like we pick up where ever we left off the last time I saw them.  They are just two of the most sincere people I’ve ever met, so it’s always a complete joy to be in their midst.
Kathy & Ben, Jared said to tell you, you guys look great! And so happy!!  And that Kaitlyn is just beautiful!:)  He sends his love!  And in the mean time, I hope you can enjoy a quick sneak peek.  Lots more fun pics coming your way, but I wanted to get this little ball of cuteness up on the blog as soon as I could.  Lots of love!! Trish
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The Hairr Family Photo Shoot at Nelson!! Love this Family!! Las Vegas Portrait Photography

Last week I met a new family; Aimee, Heath and their five adorable kids!! This family couldn’t have been any sweeter:) I can honestly say that these were hands down the best behaved children I have ever met!  Such amazing manners and sweet personalities, you just know that Amiee & Heath just love these children.  We had a super super fun shoot out at Nelson, Nevada.  It was crazy hot, but these guys were up for anything!  And I’m loving their photos!!

Aimee & Heath, thank you for sharing the day with me and having me in your life.  I loved meeting you both and your family.  Enjoy your sneak peek!! xoxo, Trish

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Jennifer & John are Married!! Yippee!! Park City Wedding Photography, Las Vegas Wedding Photography

Last weekend I spent an awesome wedding day with an amazing couple; John & Jennifer. And I tell you what, these two have so much adventure in their blood, that it seems like marriage is the perfect lifetime adventure for them both!

We started our day at the Aria for some cool photos around the City Center area. It’s so funny how fast time flies, because before we knew it, it we were doing their first sighting and we were off to the Legends Ranch, which is an absolutely gorgeous place for a wedding. Tons of greenery mixed with horse property. Just a very cool place for a wedding.

As I listened to their wedding ceremony, given by one of John’s brothers, I was inspired to hear how they’ve been living their lives and spending their days. They’re both traveling doctors, who visit all kinds of incredibly dangerous and incredibly mysterious places. Which I found very intriguing….I thought to myself…how amazing for these two people to find each other in life and to then fall in love. Pretty awesome as far as I can see:)

Jennifer was a gorgeous bride, in an absolutely stunning dress- it was wonderful to notice that John just didn’t want to take his eyes off this beautiful girl as her world was spinning around his heart.

John & Jennifer, it’s been so great to get to know you both and now have you in my world. You two are just pure sunshine. I hope you enjoy your sneak peek; this is actually the biggest blog post I’ve ever done. Love to you both, and see you when you return!! xoxo, Trishbb088Him bb031her bb011 bb038 bb005 bb002 bb037 bb007 bb060 FS bb058bINTMHerIn

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Baby Beck is Here and Ready to Ride!! Park City Newborn Photography

Been a super busy week of shooting and I’m just getting to blogging finally. Who knew having your own baby would keep you so wrapped up!!  First up, is Baby Beck!  He’s a little newborn from Park City, and he’s just adorable!! when I met Angie & Link, Baby Beck was completely out, so we tried to take full advantage of his sleeping cuteness!! His room was super cute and so was he!  And you could just tell that mommy and daddy were completely smitten with his tiny little being:).

And since mommy & daddy are cyclists, we decided to have a little fun with their cycling gear!  And I’m loving how that black and white came out.  What’s more is their cool puppy Monte just decided that he had to be part of the shoot….which worked out great as well.

Angie & Link, thank you so much for having me in your home.  I hope you enjoy this quick sneak peek of your shoot and there’s lots more coming very soon!! xoxo, Trishbb021 bb003 bb007 Untitled-1 bb006 bb023 bb010 bb011 bb017 bb018b bb019 bb022