Kathy & Ben welcome little Reese!! Newborn Portrait Photography!

Las week was a great week for shooting.  I spent Friday morning with Kathy & Ben and their newborn baby Reese.  And what a little bundle of joy he was!! A giant chunk of baby, my favorite kind of newborn shoot course, he was happy, funny, silly and everything that a baby should be.  You just wanted to hug him and love him because he is absolutely so CUTE!!! And boy do they love him!! He was just getting smothered by everyone in sight because he was such a little love bug:).  And of course, Kathy & Ben have become so much like family to us that I’m pretty sure I could have hung out at their house all day too.   They just have such a gentle, wonderful kindness to them as a couple you always want to be in their company.

Kathy & Ben, Jared and I wish you guys all the happiness in the world with this beautiful baby…..as well as the new bun in the oven!! Enjoy your sneak peek!! Muah!! Love you guys!!IMG_6081 IMG_5982 IMG_6078 IMG_6011 IMG_6164 IMG_5948 IMG_6156 IMG_6259

Kencee & Josh’s Boys are 6 Months!! Park City Newborn Photography!

Had a super fun Saturday with Kencee & Josh and their twins Adam & Ben…they’ve just grown so much as they are now six months!!

It’s amazing to see how big they’ve gotten and their facial expressions…one of them greatly resembles Kencee and one of them greatly resembles Josh.  And they both mimic Josh’s gestures which is just adorable!

They were smiley and happy for the majority of the shoot which was awesome and just as it began to rain it was time to call it a day!  Kencee & Josh, so fun to see you both and the boys!! Just love their little faces and am looking forward to the 1 year old shoot!! Much love! TrishKB60001

And a few outtakes to show what it took to get the shot…outtakes KB60014 KB60005 KB60010 KB60006 KB60011 KB60007 KB60009 KB60017