The Ingenito Family @The Waldorf Astoria Park City! Park City Family Portraits!

It has been a crazy week here in Park City!  Rain, rain, buckets of rain!! Was all set to photograph John’s family outdoors in the aspens and then about 30 minutes before the shoot it was just dumping rain!! So, the following morning, I headed over to the Waldor Astoria, Park City for a family shoot in their gorgeous lobby.  And this wonderful, gracious family just rolled with the punches.  They’re here visiting for about a week for a family gathering and they were all smiles and fun at 8:30 in the morning as we did our shoot.  They were just awesome!

Ingenito family, I’d like to thank you for being so patient and easy going!  And so early in the morning:)  Hope you enjoy your quick sneak peek and hope your vacation in Park City was still great despite the cloudy rainy skies!  Much love, TrishKMb-0003

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Such an adorable baby!!KMb-0009 Untitled-1 KMb-0010 KMb-0017 KMb-0019

Chip & Kasidy Married!!! Park City Wedding Photography!

Last Friday I had the chance to photograph our good friend’s wedding here in Utah; Chip & Kasidy:).   Chip has been such a wonderful friend since we arrived in Utah.  He actually owns a ski/snowboard shop in our shopping center at Redstone and from the time we moved in at McMillen Fine Art, he welcomed us to his home state with open arms.  He and my husband have become great friends and fishing buddies and now he’s married the love of his life, Kasidy.  So we were not only glad to attend their reception and post wedding exit from the temple, I was glad to photograph it for them.

Chip & Kasidy, we wish you both all the love and happiness you can hold in your hearts and in your arms.  Our advice to you, enjoy each other.  Make your marriage about sharing your lives together and remember the most important thing is to never lose sight that home is always the most important place.:)  We hope you enjoy the quick sneak peek and we’re so excited for both of you as you start this new journey!!  Wishing you guys love, Trish & JaredUntitled-1 chip SSbb0729 First SSbb0742 SSbb0743 SSbb0744b SSbb0745 SSbb0747 SSbb0748 SSbb0750 SSbb0761 SSbb0763

Welcome to the family Chip….SSbb0766 SSbb0767 SSbb0768 rec

The Moser Family Reunion! Park City Family Portraits!

Had a fun time this morning doing a quick, last minute shoot for the Moser family as they visited Park City for their family reunion.    Mom wanted a nice family photo to remember the event and their beautiful family!  Such adorable grand babies and they didn’t even mind walking a bit down to the big aspens above Wasatch State Park.  Thank you Moser family for doing your best this morning; I know it was early, but you all did a great job as we all tried to keep the grand babies entertained:)  Enjoy your Park City vacation!!  Cheers! TrishSSb0731 SSb0724 SSb0727 SSb0728 SSb0729 SSb0730b SSb0725b

Little Baby Eva is Six Weeks Old! Park City Newborn Photography!

SSb0728 Had a fun time yesterday spending the morning with little baby Eva and her mommy and daddy.  She was such a sweet little baby, just tiny and adorable like every baby should be!:)

It took her just a little while to fall asleep, but once we got her sleeping, she was like a little dream.  Daddy put on some music and before we knew it, she was calm and restful.  Just a great way to spend a Sunday morning.  Jessica & David, I wish you both the best with your beautiful bundle of joy and thank you so much for having me and your home and for all your baby advice!! I really appreciate it and hope you enjoy this quick sneak peek.  Lots more coming soon!! Cheers! Trish SS0725 SS0734SSb0727 SS0724 SS0728 SSb0725SS0731SS0738 SS0740

The Hatch Family Reunion in Park City, Utah!!

I wrapped up the week with a fun shoot with the Hatch family!  Kind of a crazy time of day to be shooting, but it worked out great after all!! This family was ready for a beautiful photo in front of the McPolin Barn and that’s just what we got!  They were adorable in their all white shirts and big smiles!  Had a great time spending the morning with you guys and hope you enjoy the pics!! xoxo, TrishSS0741 SS0742 SS0748 SS0750 SS0743 SS0747 SS0744 SS0749

Savannah Has Graduated Nursing School!! Senior Portrait Photography

I met Savannah about 5 years ago when she was pregnant with her little boy.  We’ll, fast forward 5 years later and she is proudly graduating Nursing School!! So excited for you and all you’ve accomplished Savannah!! I swear each time I see this girl she gets more and more beautiful.  She was absolutely one of the most beautiful pregnant women I’ve ever photographed, but to boot, she’s smart, funny and great company when it comes to rolling a car all the way down the hill from Mt. Charleston after a shoot!! She had some car trouble, but together, we got her to a gas station and the day was a total success.

Savannah, we wish you the very best as you start this next chapter in your lives.  Hope it’s San Diego or bust next time we see each other!!:):) xoxo, TrishSS0728 SS0727 SS0725 SS0726 SS0724

The Bair Family Reunion in Park City! Park City Portrait Photography

Had a super fun time last week with the Bair family!  They came from all over to meet up at this incredible cabin in Park City for their family reunion!! And boy was this house up high!  I’m pretty sure it was the highest point in Summit Park!  These folks were fun!! They were really all about love and having a great time together….AND we even got in on a rainbow!! So meant to be!!

Sharon & Mike, so glad to meet you and the entire family!! Hope Park City was wonderful to all of you!! Much love, TrishSS0731 SS0737 SS0735 SS0738 SS0736 SS0734 SS0732 SS0740

The Casey Family at the McPolin Barn!! Park City Portraits!


Had a super fun time last Tuesday with some of our favorite people; the Caseys!! These wonderful people are always so happy and loving, they are an absolute joy to be around.  So much positivity in one family!! We met this great family from another wonderful family here in Park City and it turned out we also have a bunch of Vegas friends in common as well.  They have become great friends and it’s always such a pleasure to see them or spend time with them that we always look forward to it!  Plus, this time I got to meet their amazing son Scott and it turns out we have our educations in common!

We love you guys!! Hope you enjoy the quick sneak peek!! xoxo, TrishKMb-0031 KMb-0033 KMb-0034

Steve & Linda will be celebrating their 40 year anniversary this year, so I thought we should take some photos that reminded them of when they first fell in love…:)KMb-0035 two KMb-0038 three KMb-0041 KMb-0043 KMb-0042 KMb-0047 KMb-0048 KMb-0032

Jamie & Jason and Their Beautiful Family! Las Vegas Portrait Photography

Spent last Saturday morning with some of my absolute favorite people, Jamie & Jason and their beautiful kiddos!  I’ve been photographing these wonderful people for years now and each time I see them, it’s like we’re all so happy to get together its nothing but fun.  We had to move their session a few times, but we were finally able to make it work with a super quick session the morning they were leaving for an RV trip!  Was so excited for them because those trips are just too much fun and a great way to spend time together.  So when you guys get back, I cannot wait to hear all about it!!

Jamie & Jason, just love you guys tons and it was so fun to see you again!  I hope next time it’s Park City, but I’ll take Vegas any time as long as we get to hang out!!  Thank you so much for the wonderful baby carrier, I know babymac is just going to LOVE IT!!  Enjoy your sneak peek!! All the love in my heart, TrishKMb-0002 KMb-0021 KMb-0003 KMb-0007bw KMb-0020 KMb-0009 Untitled-1 KMb-0014 KMb-0015 KMb-0017bw

Monique, Craig and their beautiful daughters! Park City Portraits!

Had a super fun session Sunday with a family I’m now referring to as my new favorite clients!  Monique & Craig are here visiting Park City from Bermuda and wanted to do a photo shoot that would remind them of their visit to park city.  So, we headed out to the McPolin Barn, the Park City landmark and had a great time!  But here’s why they are my new favorite couple…for their barn shot, it was WET!! Way wetter than I’ve ever experienced when shooting at the barn…and they were completely cool getting wet and a bit dirty in their beautiful white outfits..! I could not believe it and afterwards, they were even up for more!! So now, they are my new favorite family.  The family that takes risks together stays together!! And they were just wonderful to hang out with.

Monique, Craig and girls, you guys are welcome in Park City any time!! Thanks for having such a wonderful sense of adventure and hope you enjoy your sneak peek!  Much love, TrishGC-0002 GC-0003 GC-0004 GC-0006 GC-0005 GC-0012 GC-0009 GC-0015 GC-0018 GC-0022 GC-0021 Untitled-1 two GC-0023 GC-0001 GC-0024 them GC-0026