Xavier is here!! Amie & Wayne’s Newborn Shoot! Las Vegas Portrait Photography


One of the greatest things about doing photography is our clients.  I work for some of the most incredible people and being a part of their lives, watching them grow as a family, as absolutely one of the greatest joys I’ve experienced in my life.  One of those couples is Amie & Wayne.

They first came to our studio for engagement and possibly wedding photos when they fell in love.  They were photographed by two of our associates and had a great experience.  They had beautiful wedding photos and a few years later returned to us for some super, super cool holiday photos.  When it came time to welcome their baby, they came back to us for Maternity photos and baby pics.  They now have an adorable, happy family.  And it’s wonderful to see them as parents.  They just handled this baby like a treasure.  They’re going to be amazing parents:)

Anyway, the shoot was really fun.  Xavier smiles more than any newborn I’ve ever photographed.  He has the most awesome room ever!! Amazing murals/art and Minions.  What more could a kid ask for?   You guys, thank you for having me and us in your lives.  We’re so happy for you and hope you enjoy your sneak peek!! MUAH!! Trish

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