Courtney & Isaac and Their Beautiful Little Girls! Las Vegas Portrait Photography

Had a super fun time Saturday spending the morning with one of my favorite families; the Espejos!!  We met them about 6 years ago when we photographed their wedding day, and then of course Grace’s baby photos, Courtney’s sister’s wedding and now another portrait session.  I just love love love seeing this family!  They are always so happy and so great to be around, they are a total joy.

And, what’s more, seeing them as parents is just awesome!  These two little girls have everything under control!  Including daddy!  Boy, he’s going to have to keep them under lock and key because they are both so adorable and independent, I’m just not sure what Isaac’s going to do when they grow up!!:)

Courtney & Isaac, love seeing you guys and thank you again for having me as a part of your family and capturing these beautiful girls as they grow up!! Much love, Trish0025CF 0026CF 0028CF 0027CF 0013CF 0008CFb 0006CFb 0007CFb 0011CF Untitled-1 0012CF 0007CF 0006CF

Baby Jace is 1 Year old! Park City Portrait Photographer

Had a super fun time last weekend with little baby Jace and of course his wonderful parents Lourdes & Brian.  I just love seeing this family; this kid is sooooo loved and it’s so obvious in how happy he is and the fact that he just about never sheds a tear.   They’re great parents and so patient with little Jace that he really is a complete ray of sunshine every time I see him.

He just turned 1 year old, so it seemed like a great opportunity to get together to complete our documentation of his first year of life.  We had a fun afternoon in the park where Jace was able to see cars, doggies and enjoy the outdoors which made him really happy.  Hope you guys enjoy the sneak peek and love all three of you!! xoxo, Trishjb10001 jb10002 jb10015b jb10007 jb10004 jb10005 jb10006 jb10008 jb10017b

Some dancing for our entertainment…and then stop…and then go!Untitled-1 jb10018

Little “Big” Man Sebastian is Six Months Old!! Park City Baby Photography!

Monday I was able to visit with one of my favorite people; Sebastian!  Of course, I also love his parents, Rich & Sarah, but seeing Sebastian is like seeing the sun for the first time.  It just fills your heart with joy and warmth.  This baby is HUGE!  And not only is he HUGE, but he’s also absolutely adorable!  So happy, so funny, so hugable….boy, Rich & Sarah are two wonderful and very lucky parents.

He’s gotten a lot bigger since I saw him the first time at Christmas.  Now he’s about the size of a mini-linebacker….with beautiful chubby cheekies and leggies to go with that smile:)  Just thinking about how adorable he is puts a smile on my face.

Hope these photos make everyone else smile too; had such a fun time with this family last week!  Enjoy your sneaker peeker Rich & Sarah! MUAH!!! Trish


Lady killer….SO CUTE!!!

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Well guys, we tried to get one with the chucks!

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Baby Blake, and Her Mommy & Daddy! Las Vegas Portrait Photography

On Sunday had the pleasure of meeting little Baby Blake; she’s the daughter of our friends Jeni & Drew!  I was so excited to shine a little photo love on little Blake, but boy does this kid have SPUNK!  She’s independent like Beyonce and wants to do her own thing.  So I just did my best to go with the flow and show her a good time…she’s fiesty and firey like her mama…but we then decided to go to the park with daddy, and that did the trick!

Jeni & Drew, we love you guys and wish you all the best in raising this gorgeous baby!  Enjoy your sneak peek and sending you guys lots of love, hugs and sleep:)  0024B2m 0041B2m 0025B2m 0032B2mb 0030B2m 0035B2m 0036B2m 0037B2m

Baby Kate is 6.5 months old!! And Adorable!! Park City Newborn Photography!

Last week I had a great week shooting!  First shoot was little Baby Kate because she had just turned six months old!  What a sweet, adorable, beautiful face!! I cannot believe how much she’s grown and what a wonderfully happy little girl she’s become!  She was all smiles for this shoot, which was amazing.   Not to mention the fact that Rachael, her mom had bought her this cute little princess tutu style dress and she was just beautiful in it.:)

It’s so fun to watch these babies grow up; Kate has just really developed an awesome laugh that is non-stop and you can tell that she just really loves her mommy.:)  Enjoy your sneak peek Kate!! Much love, Trish

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