Kelly & her adorable family!! Their Park City Family Photos!

So Thursday night, we unfortunately got rained out for Kelly’s family portrait session here in Park City, Utah…but luckily they were able to hang out in Park City for just one more day so we could get out early morning on Friday for their family photo shoot!  This family was so sweet, so adorable and so kind, that the session went by in just a breeze….Before we knew it, we thought we’d heard a moose, located some evidence of the moose:) and we’re just out having fun with their family and taking pictures!!

They came out to Park City on vacation and drove two and a half days to get here…Park City is that great of a place where people just come from all over to have fun here and well, taking some cool family photos was just a slice in that fun.  Kelly & family, thank you for sharing the morning with me and for letting me document your family!  Much love, Trish McMillen Photography, Park City Portrait Photographer


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Jennifer & Her beautiful family; family photos in Park City, Utah!

Jennifer and her wonderful family traveled from all over the country to come together for a family vacation in Park City, Utah.  While they were here, they figured since they were all together, it was the perfect opportunity to get some great family photos in the gorgeous Deer Valley Area.   It was a great idea because the summers in Deer Valley are just spectacular for photography.

We had a great time and her parents and siblings were absolutely wonderful!  They were all so excited to be enjoying their vacation in Park City that it made for a great family photography session.

Thank you again for having me as your Park City Portrait Photographer Jennifer & Family!  Until we meet again!! much love, Trish

Park City Family Photography

Park City Family Photography

Park City Portrait Photography, Park City Portrait Photographer

Park City Portrait Photography, Park City Portrait Photographer

Park City Family Photographer

Park City Family Photographer

Park City, Utah Portrait Photographer

Park City, Utah Portrait Photographer


Charity’s beautiful big family reunion at the McPolin Barn, Park City, Utah

Had a super super fun time about a week ago with Charity and her wonderful and HUGE family!! They were in Park City vacationing for their Park City Family Reunion!  So it seemed like the perfect time to get everyone together and head over the McPolin Barn, a local Park City landmark and get some beautiful images to remember the event.


I must have shot a gazillion photos of this beautiful family.  We were just having so much fun in all the photo chaos and getting all the littlest family members to play along, that before I knew it, we’d been out for there quite a while!


But I think it was totally worth it!  I had a blast and I know their family did too!:)  These sessions are just so much about having fun and an awesome family photo experience that I’m just completely dedicated to true photo fun!

Charity, thank you so much for sharing the afternoon with me for your Park City Family Photos!  Much love, Trish

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Twin Newborn photography; Park City Portraits

Had a really wonderful time last Saturday spending the morning with two of my favorite peeps, Jennifer & Derrick and their new twin babies!!!

These two are ADORABLE!! I mean so cute, so sweet and getting so much love from Mommy, Daddy, both sets of grandparents and great grandparents! And truly, seeing Derrick and Jen as parents has been so much fun. They LOVE these babies so much and are so excited to have them in their lives it was great to hear them talking about having MORE kiddos!!

Derrick & Jen, love you guys and love these babies….enjoy your sneak peek…tons more coming soon!! XOXO, Trish
PS…it’s always funny to me how with twins there’s always one baby to gets to the food first and is bigger…wonder who that is:)?

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Park City Family Portraits; the Grady Family!

Had a super fun time last week photographing the Grady family in Park City, Utah!

Little Teagan and Quinny were frolicking in the flowers on a gorgeous Park City hillside…but they were all smiles and sweet love for their photo shoot….and…I even heard they might have gotten ice cream as a reward for being so wonderful!!
That’s what’s great about being a Park City Photographer; the entire town is the absolute perfect back drop for photos and it seems like no matter where we go, it’s just gorgeous outside!
Erin & Lee, thank you so much for coming out. Hope you love the pics and enjoy this little sneaker peeker!!! xoxo, Trish

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Park City Family Portraits with Paul & Christie!

Had a great time Saturday morning with my good friend Lori’s brother Paul and his family up here in Park City, Utah!  We had tried for a shoot the previous night, but we got pounded by rain, thunder and lightning….so…we all got up early met in Midway and headed up to Wasatch State Park where we found the most incredible area of flowers and aspens. It was gorgeous to say the least.

Paul & Christie and their beautiful family were looking their best and it was a perfect Park City morning for a family photo shoot.
Thanks for getting up early and being so happy first thing in the morning guys! Hope you enjoy your sneak peek!! Much love, Trish

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Stesha & Ryan and “Big Ben”! Park City Portrait Photography

About two weeks ago two people we love had a baby. Those two people are Stesha & Ryan and now we simply fell in love with their little baby Bennett AKA “BIG BEN”.

What’s wonderful about what we do is that we are with people for some of the biggest moments of their lives; their weddings, welcoming their first babies or even in the delivery room as it’s all happening. It’s been such a complete joy for us to be there at these moments sharing in the emotion and love, but when it’s someone we really care about, it just means so much to us.

So when we had the chance to bring some sunshine to our Stesha and her wonderful hubby Ryan, I just really wanted to give them something special that would be something they could love that would document their little man’s entrance in their lives.

Stesha & Ryan, we simply couldn’t love you guys more or be any happier for you. And what’s more is that it was so wonderful to see that you’ve both completely fallen in love with little Ben. Thank you for having us in your lives and for sharing your biggest days with us. Means so much to us and we just love you all. This is such an awesome time in your lives, we hope you relish every moment. Love you guys!!

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D’anza & Oscar Welcome Baby Francisco! Park City Portrait Photography

I had a wonderful time this week photographing Oscar, D’anza and the newest member of their family, baby Francisco.  Can I just say that this little boy is absolutely adorable!  He was just as sweet as could be; loving, giggling, funny and all smiles.  He’s got to be one of the most beautiful babies I’ve ever photographed and his parents just showered him with love non-stop.  I can easily see why he’s so happy.

I had photographed his parents wedding about two years ago, and low and behold, once baby Francisco showed up, we were all very excited to get together again for more photos.:)  Oscar & D’anza, thank you for having me in your lives to document your biggest days.  Little Francisco is just a complete bundle of joy!!

Much love, Trish


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