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It has been a crazy summer.  So much fun in just a short period of time; I’m really going to miss summer this year.

It’s also been an extremely special summer; I was lucky enough to photograph the families of several friends this summer and lots of headshots.  One, my former coworker, Jason and his beautiful daughter Liv, and another, my best friend from the fourth grade, Devon and her beautiful family and lastly my amazingly beautiful friend Jamie and her adorable family.  I’ve been photographing Jamie’s family for years and I cannot get over how grown up the kids are now.  They were just so little when I first began to photograph them. Sigh….  It was beyond a blessing to cross paths with these old friends this summer but besides that, I’ve been photographing so many amazing families.  22 shoots in four weeks.  Some of them are becoming old friends too as I’ve been shooting them year after year, and some are new friends!

This blog post is just a handful of those shoots, but I wanted to share.  It’s been a whirlwind this summer, but a summer of incredible people and photos is my kind of summer.  Love to all of these beautiful families!    

Baby Campbell is Here! Park City Newborn Portraits; Park City Baby Portraits; Park City Family Photography

A few weeks ago, our friends Allyson & Ryan became mommy & daddy.  With the arrival of little baby Campbell, it’s been wonderful to see them loving her.  It’s been a super fun journey with them over the past four years, in getting to know them, becoming great friends and now, the hopes of our little girls growing up together and being best friends.  I was really glad to share this experience with them and also photograph little Campbell.  She’s a little adorable peanut.  Such a cute little baby, and so perfect.  Hard not to love her:).  Allyson & Ryan, we know you’re going to be amazing parents and having this much love in your lives will change you forever.  Love all of you!! 0210CDRET 0155CD 0198CD 0085CD 0057CD

The Larsen Family & Cuteness OVERLOAD For Fall Family Photos! Park City Twin Photography! Park City Family Photography! Wasatch State Park!

Let me start by saying that Colby & Sarah have possibly created the cutest twins on earth.  These two are so adorable and so sweet, honestly, you’ll get cavities just looking at them!! And their daughter Cecily is an absolute beauty as well!  Their family is just beautiful!  And of course add their adorable family to fall foliage and color and BOOM! You have photo MAGIC!  It was a really great morning of shooting and perfect timing on the maples at Wasatch State Park here in Midway, Utah.

I’d also like to say that since we met Colby & Sarah, they’ve become wonderful friends.  We’re really glad to have them in our lives and are so happy they have so much love in their family!! Enjoy your sneaker peeker you guys!! much love, Trish0007kate 0013kate 0018kate 0021kate 0010kate 0015katebbb 0008kate 0011kate 0009kate 0012kate 0016kate 0014kate 0020kate 0006kate 0023kate

Cari & Geoffery are Having a Baby!! Park City Maternity Photographer Park City Maternity Photography

A few weekends ago I had the absolute best time shooting an adorable couple; Carmel & Geoffery in downtown Las Vegas.  These two lovebirds are expecting their first little baby in just a few weeks and they wanted to have a little maternity fun before it all happens!! Cari is just gorgeous pregnant!  Her skin is just amazing…glowing and Geoffrey is in orbit around  her.  They’re both super excited about this huge event in their lives and it was so wonderful to spend the afternoon with them.   And I think we cracked up for literally the entire shoot.  They are so FUN!!!

Cari isn’t just anyone however…she’s the sister of one of my favorite families, Lourdes & Brian and their little man Jace.  I’ve been photographing them for years and now I’m just excited to be a part of Cari’s life too.  Cari & Geoffrey, I couldn’t be happier for you and I hope you enjoy this super fun sneak peek.  You guys are going to be amazing parents!! xoox, Trish0010CV 0004CV Untitled-1 0006CV 0008CV 0013CV two 0014CV 0015CV 0019CV

Little Magnus is Here!! Park City Newborn Photography! Park City Photographer

Had a super fun shoot last week with this adorable little newborn baby named Magnus!!   His mommy is from Canada and his daddy is from Brittan and they’re now living in Park city.  When I showed up, the mentioned that they wanted some adorable newborn photos of this perfect little man; and they of course wanted something fun and themed British/Canadian combined with University of Utah  When I went through the photos, I just loved the fact that somehow little Magnus was flashing the “OK” symbol with his little hand!!  Funny how these things happen!

Carolyn, thank you and your husband for having me in your home to document such a wonderful time in your lives.   Hope you enjoy this quick little sneak peek!! Cheers! Trish 0018MAG 0009MAG 0010MAG 0013MAG 0007MAG 0022MAG

Check out the little hand and the OK symbol!!:):)0002MAG 0023MAG

Baby Hannah is Finally Here!! Park City Newborn Photography, Park City Baby Photographer

It has been an awesome week of fun shoots and to boot, last week I got to photograph someone we love very much; little Hannah and her mommy & daddy.  Sarah & Robert, Hannah’s parents are pretty special to us.  Sarah used to work for us at the studio and she seriously has some of the most gorgeous wedding photos we’ve ever photographed.  And having her share her newborn baby experience with me just really was amazing.  So awesome to see these two as parents.  Talk about two people who are just going to be the best mom & dad ever! Sarah & Robert, we love you and now we love little Hannah too!! Enjoy a quick sneak peek!! xoxo, Trish0250SRH 0246SRH 0236SRH 0245SRH 0237SRH 0243SRH 0247SRH

Michael & Rachel Welcome Baby Maya! Park City Newborn Photography! Park City Family Photography!

This past week I finished up a shoot with two wonderful people, Rachel who works at our gallery and her husband Michael…oh and one other little person; Baby Maya!  What a little super star this little baby is!! She’s just perfect.  I’ve seen her a few times and never a tear, and I think it’s cause she’s so loved:).  Had a really fun newborn session with her to welcome her to the world and shower her with photo love.  Also got to meet Michael’s great grand parents and Rachel’s dad as they joined in on the shoot to keep Maya consistently loved and cared for.  I’m loving the photos as there’s just nothing better to me than photographing people we care about.  Rachel & Michael, hope you enjoy this quick sneak peek and sorry to keep you waiting.  Been a busy few weeks!!  Love love love this beautiful bundle of joy and her little smile!!  xoxo, Trish0266LS 0261LS 0271LS 0267LS 0260LS Untitled-1 0262LS 0259LS 0265LS 0263LS 0258LS

Baby Noah is Six Months Old! Park City Newborn Photography, Park City Newborn Photographer, Park City Baby Portraits, Park City Family Portraits

Baby Noah is absolutely adorable.  Perhaps one of the cutest babies I’ve photographed.  And I absolutely loved that his awesome mommy & daddy wanted photos of him at six months in the snow!! He was such a great sport.  Just happy happy happy.  You can see how much this baby is loved.  He is a gift and his parents love him to the moon and back.  He’s joy and love.  Enjoy a quick sneak peek of little Noah’s adorableness!0084m 0090m 0089m 0088m 0092m Untitled-1

Adam & Ben Turn 1!! Park City Twin Baby Photographer

Yesterday I spent the afternoon photographing one of my favorite families and their adorable 1 year old sons Ben & Adam.  So everytime I go to photograph this family, the morning starts perfect, great skies, no wind; but inevitably, by the time the shoot starts, the wind is in high gear!  I’ve photographed them four times now and each time, there’s been wind!  But despite the wind, the sky was amazing yesterday and they were in great spirits ready for some family photo fun.

Adam was of course all smiles as usual.  Seems like he’s always been pretty smiley ever since he was little and Ben is well…a bit more serious.  But still absolutely adorable!  He’s just sweet and really loves his mommy:).    Overall, it was a great shoot with some incredible backdrops and lots of giggles.

Kencee & Josh, hope you guys like the pics.  Enjoy your sneak peek and all the rest of your adorable photos!! Muah! Trish

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Piper is 1!! Baby’s First Birthday Cake! Cuteness Overload!! Park City Portrait Photography

Had a fun Saturday afternoon with little Piper as she turned the big “1”!!!  It was her first birthday so mama Anna, who’s also an incredible pastry chef and starting her own cake business (yeah!!), decided to make Piper a beautiful butter cream frosted cake!!  Which was delicious incidentally:)

Piper was a little unsure at first….so it took her a little while to open up to the idea of smashing the cake and making a mess, but once she was cool with the idea, she started having some fun.  Just an adorable baby having an adorably fun birthday!!   We love you Piper!! Happy Birthday little beautiful baby girl!!

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