Kelly & Pav Married In Park City, Utah! Park City Wedding Photographer; Park City Wedding Photography; Park City Weddings

This weekend was an incredibly fun weekend for me as I had the joy of photographing Kelly & Pav’s wedding celebration weekend.  What an awesome event!  And what an incredible joining of two loving families!

The weekend began with a cozy dinner at one of Park City’s best Italian restaurants, Cortona, and you could literally feel the happiness in the room!  Everyone was so excited for this wedding!! Saturday was wedding day and it started super early and seriously continued on until the late hours.  It was like we just kept going and going from location to location! First up, groom photos at their home, followed by bridal photos at the Montage.  Then the ceremony site atop Empire pass and lastly an incredible reception held at Riverhorse.  It was an incredibly full day that was just one minute of joy to the next.  My favorite moment– when Pav saw Kelly for the first time as she came down the aisle.  He smiled from ear to ear and Kelly was absolutely STUNNING!  What a gorgeous bride!!

Kelly & Pav, I hope you enjoy your sneak peek!  Thank you for welcoming me into your family.  It really was wonderful to be a part of such an important day in your lives.  Much love, Trish0066KP kellyWatson spent most of the morning trying to figure out what we were doing there.  He later became bored and took a power nap before the photos with the “Best Man/Dog”:) pav0028KP2b 0026KP2b  0004KP2b 0025KP2b 0001KP2b  0024KP2b  ceremony1 ceremony2 ceremony3 ceremony4 ceremonyfull 0084KP 0085KP 0086KP 0065KP 0059KP 0054KP 0056KPA gorgeous reception at the Riverhorse on Main rec-details 0052KP toast cake dancing

Kelly & Pav Are Engaged!! Park City Wedding Photography; Park City Engagement Photography; Park City Wedding Photographer

Last week I photographed an amazing and gorgeous couple for their Park City Engagement Photos; meet Kelly & Pav.  These two sweet and wonderful people will be tying the knot in Park City in late July and I’m excited to be capturing their wedding day as well!

What I thought was super cool about this shoot was that Pav had a clear vision of what he loves most about the Park City area; mountains, water, snow and broad landscapes…and of course, Kelly.  So I scouted for about two days before finding this magical spot.  It had everything they wanted and I’m so pleased with the images.  These two have amazing chemistry which makes shooting fantastic:)!

Kelly & Pav, enjoy your sneak peek!  I’m looking forward to your wedding day and I’m glad you’re enjoying the first part of our photo fun!!  Much love, Trish0344KP 0064KP 0028KP 0086KPI love it when couples are just giddy and silly.  It’s THE BEST!! Untitled-1 0099KP 0128KP 0180KP 0223KP 0307KP

Will & Yvette Are Married at Mandarin Oriental Las Vegas! Las Vegas Wedding Photographer; Las Vegas Wedding Photography

About a week ago, I photographed an absolutely gorgeous wedding.  The wedding of Will Costello & Yvette Garcia held at one of Las Vegas’ most exclusive properties, the Mandarin Oriental Hotel.

It goes without saying, that this event was incredible!  The bride and groom are just beautiful together.  Yvette was absolutely stunning in her amazing wedding gown and Will was completely classic, old school Vegas dapper!  They were joined by their closest family and friends for this incredible day in their lives.  The weather was perfect for photos despite high winds, and everyone was so fun and welcoming that it was just a fantastic time!

Will & Yvette, thank you for sharing the biggest day of your lives with me.  You two are just going to have such an awesome life together filled with love, travel and adventure that I’m really looking forward to hearing all about it.  Hope the honeymoon was incredible!! TONS MORE phtoos coming soon!! MUAH!! Trish

PS for those portrait clients just learning that I offer weddings, my wedding photography company is known as Studio ATG:)  You can view my full portfolio here:


They had an awesome time opening each other’s gifts…was super cool the way that each of them put together their gift story.GIFTS  0034AT 0056AT0035ATA very cool First Sighting at the bar at the top of the Mandarin FS 0053ATThe ceremony was really really fun!  Will basically had the best set of vows I’ve heard in years!  And Yvette was just all giggles! 0057AT 0058AT ceremony 0087AT 0102AT0001ATtm 0111AT 0120AT first-danceReception time was nothing but FUN!! And Donuts! reception

Ashley & Jim’s Life Session in Park City, Utah! Park City Engagement Portraits, Park City Photographer

Last week I had a super fun shoot with Ashley & Jim while they were on vacation here in Park City!! We seriously had a blast.  These two were just so sweet to each other and absolutely IN LOVE that it was just wonderful to spend the morning with them.    Plus they are just hilarious! It seemed like the session went so fast because we were all having so much fun that it was like a flash in time.  Ashley & Jim, thank you so much for spending your morning with me and part of your vacation.  You two are AWESOME!! And it’s always great to be around people in a loving relationship.  I’m glad Ashley’s mom let you into her heart:)  Enjoy your quick sneaker peeker! Lots more coming!! xoxo, Trish0158AJ 0152AJ 0157AJ 0161AJ 0165AJ 0153AJ 0167AJ 0166AJ 0168AJ 0151AJ

The Pilko Wedding! Janet & George Tie The Knot in Park City! Park City Wedding Photography

Last week I had the pleasure of hanging out with an awesome family; The Pilkos!  They became a client last year after visiting our gallery in Park City, Utah and before we knew it, we were all together for family photos as well as fine art for their home in Deer Valley.  They are just some of the sweetest folks around.  Just an amazing family, and this year, we all came together for George and Janet to make it official.  They’re now husband and wifey.
It was a really fun afternoon with them; a quick ceremony at the Episcopal church and then off to nature for some gorgeous family pics.  George & Janet, Jared and I congratulate you on getting hitched.  Being married has been one of the greatest joys of our lives and we know it’ll just bring more love in to your home.  Wishing you a wonderful marriage!  Enjoy the pics! xoxo, Trish0080PW two 0063PW 0105PW 0200PW 0223PW 0209PW 0244PW 0259PW 0263PW 0309PW 0323PW 0341PW 0357PW 0361PW 0372PW

Mallory & Stan Married at Heritage Park, Salt Lake City! Salt Lake City, Utah Wedding Photography

Had a fun Saturday night despite an insane storm dropping into Salt Lake and making it rain like crazy!  I was out photographing Mallory & Stan’s wedding at Heritage Park.  This super sweet young couple had a beautiful little wedding at this absolutely gorgeous venue!  Mallory was a stunning bride despite bronchitis and a sinus infection and Stan was more fun than a barrel of monkeys!  These two lovebirds are going to have an awesome life together with the love and support of their amazing family and friends.
Mallory & Stan, I wish you all the happiness in the world:) Love you guys and enjoy the sneak peek! xoxo, TrishD15_0651 2 D15_037 D15_040him D15_042 Untitled-1  out D15_054 two D15_061 D15_056 D15_069 D15_066 D15_071 D15_090 rec D15_086 rec2

Mallory’s Bridal Session in Park City! Park City Wedding Photography

This past weekend I had some fun with a super sweet girl named Mallory.  She’s getting ready to get married here in October at an awesome venue and I’m super excited to shoot her wedding day as well.  She’s just adorable and funny and up for anything.  Which pretty much makes up my kind of bride!

We took off Saturday for a little bit of bridal fun and it was magic.  The grasses were tall and golden, the light was beautiful, she looked amazing and the leaves were turning.  If that isn’t a recipe for gorgeous photos I just don’t know what is.

Mallory, I hope you enjoy a quick sneak peek!  Thanks for spending the afternoon with me and for being so amazing!! Much love, TrishD15_005D15_011 D15_003D15_012 D15_006 D15_002 D15_010   D15_014

Congrats Natasha & Skyler!! Park City Wedding Photography; Park City Wedding Photographer

This past weekend I had the wonderful honor of photographing a wedding for two people I absolutely adore; Natasha & Skyler.  When we moved to Park City, we had a very difficult time finding a place to rent because we had two doggies.  And just about no one in Park City wants to rent to someone with dogs…until we met Natasha’s mom and dad, Anette & Clark.  We met them and they were just amazing to us, and we quickly decided we definitely wanted to rent from them.  They were so kind, loving and generous, we just sort of adopted them as our Park City family, and that meant that all their wonderful children became our family too.  Natasha is their daughter and when they asked me to photograph her wedding, I just had to do it.  I very very much wanted to shower Natasha & Skyler with all the photo love I could.

Natasha has become like a sister to me.  She’s such a beautiful person inside and out we just have so much fun when we’re all together.  And Skyler is her perfect match.  He’s so sweet and funny, Natasha didn’t stand a chance but to fall in love with him.

They are now a beautiful pair, husband and wife.  And Jared & I know they’re going to have the most amazing life together because between both their families, there’s so much love and support, that love can only flourish in that environment.  Natasha & Skyler, we love you guys and hope you enjoy your sneak peek.  SO EXCITED FOR YOU BOTH!!! MUAH!!! GFt040 t1 t3 T2 GFt021 GFt013 GFt023 GFt024 FS GFt014 GFt041 GFt045 GFt036 GFt039 ceremony GFt016 GFt014 GFt013   GFt017GFt027 GFt032 GFt035GFt033 GFt018 GFt034 GFt041detailsGFt083 GFt082toast cake dan GFt095