The Kelley Family In Park City, Utah! Park City Family Portraits! Park City Family Photography! Park City Photographer!

A had a super cool last minute booking last Saturday with the Kelley Family! They came to Park City for a family gathering and wanted a last minute photographer for their family shoot!  I’m so glad it worked out.  They are such a wonderful, sweet and loving group of people!  Beautiful children and grandchildren and all the kids were so funny and helpful with the little ones it was great!! Enjoy your sneak peek Kelley Family!! xo, Trish0001B 0193B 0200B 0227B 0164B 0207B 0108B 0121B 0059B 0038B 0134B

Kelly & Pav Are Engaged!! Park City Wedding Photography; Park City Engagement Photography; Park City Wedding Photographer

Last week I photographed an amazing and gorgeous couple for their Park City Engagement Photos; meet Kelly & Pav.  These two sweet and wonderful people will be tying the knot in Park City in late July and I’m excited to be capturing their wedding day as well!

What I thought was super cool about this shoot was that Pav had a clear vision of what he loves most about the Park City area; mountains, water, snow and broad landscapes…and of course, Kelly.  So I scouted for about two days before finding this magical spot.  It had everything they wanted and I’m so pleased with the images.  These two have amazing chemistry which makes shooting fantastic:)!

Kelly & Pav, enjoy your sneak peek!  I’m looking forward to your wedding day and I’m glad you’re enjoying the first part of our photo fun!!  Much love, Trish0344KP 0064KP 0028KP 0086KPI love it when couples are just giddy and silly.  It’s THE BEST!! Untitled-1 0099KP 0128KP 0180KP 0223KP 0307KP

It Has Been a Busy Spring Already! Park City Family Portraits, Park City Photography, Park City Family Photos

It has been an insanely busy spring already!  I feel like I’ve been doing family shoots left and right and one day it’s crazy cold, the next day crazy warm!  But such wonderful families!  And everyone is really just enjoying all of this amazing snow.  It’s been such a fun season this year!

Anyway, here’s just a few sneak peeks of some of the families I’ve been photographing.  I’ll be posting more soon, but just trying to catch up on a few while I’ve got a quick break!! Much love!! Trish 0249Dave0236Dave 0255Dave 0238Dave 0274KF

The Salway Family in Park City! Park City Miner’s Hospital; Park City Family Photography

Last weekend for Thanksgiving the entire Salway family made their way to Park City for a week of family fun…Part of that fun was to be their family photo shoot.  But MAN was it cold outside for a shoot and we even kept trying to move the shoot to avoid the weather!  But they did their best to get smiles on everyone’s faces; after a few large group shots and fun with the kiddos, it was a wrap!

We’ve known this amazing family for many years now and their family just keeps growing into an awesomely large loving group.  And seeing the youngest members grow into adults is just amazing.
Kristin & Josh, love you guys and your family.  A quick sneak peek into the few fun moments where everyone did their best to bring it!  xoxo, Trish

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Link & Angie, and Their Adorable Son Beck!! Park City Baby Photography! Park City Fall Family Portraits!

I’m pretty sure I have one of the best jobs ever.  And part of that job is watching the babies I photograph as neborns growing up and watching their awesome parents love them to pieces.  I photographed little Beck when he was just home from the hospital and he was so adorable even then.  Now he’s grown into a little boy and he’s even cuter now:).  He was wearing the cutest little sweater and he’s just so well behaved and excited about all kinds of noises and new surroundings.  Just great to see him as he grows and changes.  He is love and a complete joy to be around.  And the other total bonus was that for Angie & Link’s family shoot, we hit the colors right on!  It was absolutely gorgeous in the apsens up high; so bright and colorful that it was yellow everywhere!  Really was a fun afternoon with them after a crazy few days of weather.

Angie & Link, thank you so much for having me in your lives to document your lives.  Love your perfect little family and I hope you enjoy this quick sneak peek from your shoot!! xoxo, Trish 0009kate0007kate 0008kate 0005kate0012kateA while back, Angie mentioned to me that she and Link hadn’t really done wedding photos, so I really wanted to shoot just a quick couple of shots of them too:)  0010kate 0011kate 0004kate 0014kate 0025kate 000442kate

Joyce & Jeff and Their Beautiful Family at The Colony, Park City! Park City Family Photography! Park City Family Photos!

When it comes to family photography, sometimes you just get extremely lucky when it comes to weather…and this wonderful family got extremely lucky with the weather!! We had to reschedule Joyce & Jeff’s shoot due to freezing rain and snow, however, the result of that reschedule was the first snowfall of the seasons with the aspens in full color!! So it actually turned out to be fantastic!

Joyce & Jeff are just two of the nicest, most welcoming people you’ll ever meet.  They were so gracious and fun to be around that I really could have spent the entire day with them:).  And their kids were just awesome too.  They’re all so beautiful and funny, it just made for gorgeous fall family photos on their property at the Colony.  Joyce & Jeff, congrats on your new home!  Hope you enjoy this quick sneak peek.  Much love to all of you! 0019kate0013kate JJemail 0012kate 0010kate 0014kate

And a little sorority sister fun at the end!


The Bjordahl Family At Guardsman’s Pass! Park City Family Photos! Park City Family Photography!

Last weekend I had a great time photographing our awesome Veternarian, Kate Bjordahl and her beautiful family.  Special guests for the shoot were their new kitty Flash and their new pup Potato!  Can I just say that their kids are just adorable!  Super funny characters so there were a lot of recon missions and captures to get these monkeys to make this shoot happen:)  But truly, I could photograph little Ingrid all day.  She is just the cutest with that adorable hairdo and her overall cutie pie look!   It was a quick trip to grab some beautiful photos in the fall leaves and just a great morning with their family.  Kate has been a part of our family since we met her.  She’s just an amazing person with a wonderful heart for animals.  Thank you for sharing a little photo time with me Kate & Family, and hope you enjoy this quick little sneaker peeker!! xoxo, Trish0019kate 0010kate 0014kate 0005kate 0011kate 0009kate 0015kate 0021kate

Ben’s Senior Session In Park City, Utah! Park City Senior Portraits, Park City High School Portraits

Night before last I had a seriously fun Monday shooting Ben’s senior photos up at Empire pass.  What a sky! What a great kid! What cool parents! Just a great shoot over all.  We just sort of lucked out on the weather aside from the extremely high winds, but Ben’s an outdoorsy sort of guy, so we were all like….”let’s do this!”.  And the results were just crazy cool!

This family is from Edina, Minnesota, which was so funny because it’s where I spent part of my childhood and of course everyone knows my husband is also from Minnesota.  But it was a fun thing to have in common cause we just love midwesterners!

Ben, I hope you like your sneak peek…and yes…I posted one of your extremely rare moose/humming bird shots.  That was some sort of miracle that we were able to capture that shot and that all those animals happened to be in that particular spot at that time.  Incredible shot…incredibly cool.  But folks, please don’t approach wildlife at home:)  Enjoy Mueller family! And hope the Park City vacation has been tons of fun so far!

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Kira & Carlos Are Engaged!! Park City Engagement Photography; Park City Engagements

It’s been a crazy busy week!  But Sunday morning I had a super fun time photographing Kira & Carlos for their engagement shoot!  These two are IN LOVE!!! And I just LOVE that!!:):)

I swear you could feel the electricity between them….and that’s the magic that makes for an incredible marriage.  It was so nice to have them be so enthralled with each other. It was as though I really wasn’t even there, which is truly the best kind of shoot as it really gives couples an opportunity to be themselves.  They are so connected it was hard to get them apart from each other.  And that’s a beautiful thing.  Kira & Carlos, hope you enjoy your sneak peek as much as I enjoyed spending time with you both.  You are both just so adorable and I love the romance that’s filling your hearts.  More coming soon!! Much love, Trish0005KC  0001KC 0003KC0006KC0008KC0023KC 0022KC  0020KC 0010KC  0021KC

Kely & Dave Celebrate 25 Years of Marriage!! Park City Portrait Photography! Park City Portraits

Last week I booked a shoot sort of last minute for a couple that was going to visiting Park City for their 25th anniversary; that couple is now one of my new favorite couples.  Kelly & Dave.
Seriously, these two are more fun than a barrel of monkeys!  And truly, I could shoot them every day.  They were up for anything and really I don’t think any of us stopped giggling for even a minute until we got kicked out of the old Talisker property!  But they were even up for that!  We had such a great time and these two have really got things figured out after being together 25 years.

What I always think is great is when I see a real connection between people.  And what’s more, when I looked at their incredible photos, It was almost like I was looking at 2-twenty year old kids.  Still with eyes for each other, still with a great connection and still in love:).  Kelly & Dave, so great to have met you both.  I hope you enjoy your gorgeous photos and there are lots more on the way!! Much love, Trish0008KD 0007KD 0003KD 0004KD 0009KD 0005KD 0006KD