Joyce & Jeff and Their Beautiful Family at The Colony, Park City! Park City Family Photography! Park City Family Photos!

When it comes to family photography, sometimes you just get extremely lucky when it comes to weather…and this wonderful family got extremely lucky with the weather!! We had to reschedule Joyce & Jeff’s shoot due to freezing rain and snow, however, the result of that reschedule was the first snowfall of the seasons with the aspens in full color!! So it actually turned out to be fantastic!

Joyce & Jeff are just two of the nicest, most welcoming people you’ll ever meet.  They were so gracious and fun to be around that I really could have spent the entire day with them:).  And their kids were just awesome too.  They’re all so beautiful and funny, it just made for gorgeous fall family photos on their property at the Colony.  Joyce & Jeff, congrats on your new home!  Hope you enjoy this quick sneak peek.  Much love to all of you! 0019kate0013kate JJemail 0012kate 0010kate 0014kate

And a little sorority sister fun at the end!


The Bjordahl Family At Guardsman’s Pass! Park City Family Photos! Park City Family Photography!

Last weekend I had a great time photographing our awesome Veternarian, Kate Bjordahl and her beautiful family.  Special guests for the shoot were their new kitty Flash and their new pup Potato!  Can I just say that their kids are just adorable!  Super funny characters so there were a lot of recon missions and captures to get these monkeys to make this shoot happen:)  But truly, I could photograph little Ingrid all day.  She is just the cutest with that adorable hairdo and her overall cutie pie look!   It was a quick trip to grab some beautiful photos in the fall leaves and just a great morning with their family.  Kate has been a part of our family since we met her.  She’s just an amazing person with a wonderful heart for animals.  Thank you for sharing a little photo time with me Kate & Family, and hope you enjoy this quick little sneaker peeker!! xoxo, Trish0019kate 0010kate 0014kate 0005kate 0011kate 0009kate 0015kate 0021kate

John & Katrina are MARRIED!! Park City Wedding Photography Park City Weddings Park City Wedding Photographer

This past weekend I shot an awesome wedding for two people that are absolutely IN LOVE! There were so many smiles this past weekend, so much love and happiness that honestly, I’ve felt great for the last week knowing these two people are in the world together.

John & Katrina, this union was clearly meant to be.  I can truly say that there are so many absolutely wonderful photos that capture the feeling you both shared on your wedding day that it was hard for me to choose what to blog.  But I narrowed it down to this….my LARGEST BLOG POST EVER!  And here it is….

I want to thank you both for sharing this event in your lives with me.  Your wedding day was really so fun and just so great to be a part of.  I appreciate you trusting me with your memories.  I hope you love ever moment as much as I do.  Wishing you both an incredible ride in life that is filled with love, laughter and happy ever after.

PS….Big thank you to Done to Your Taste Catering, Christy the Wedding Planner and their florist, who’s name is escaping me currently.  All did an amazing job putting turning this event into magic:)

0352kjpbkatdresskatrinaJOhn-PO1 0200kjpb 0201kjpb  0229kjpb0409kjpb 0235kjpb 0246kjpb 0248kjpb 0247kjpb 0249kjpb 0250kjpb ceremony0272kjpb 0001kjpbc 0275kjpb0237kjpb0240kjpb 0242kjpb 0243kjpb 0244kjpbA wonderful reception, kicked off with a great first dance!  firstdanceAnd toasts followed by Katrina serenading John with “You Make Me Feel Like a Natural Woman”.  Was AMAZING PERFORMANCE!reception1parent-dancecake 0357kjpb two0354kjpb0356kjpb0360kjpb 0355kjpb   0358kjpb Followed by an amazing party with Motherlode band at OP Rockwell, Park City!    both details