Mallory’s Bridal Session in Park City! Park City Wedding Photography

This past weekend I had some fun with a super sweet girl named Mallory.  She’s getting ready to get married here in October at an awesome venue and I’m super excited to shoot her wedding day as well.  She’s just adorable and funny and up for anything.  Which pretty much makes up my kind of bride!

We took off Saturday for a little bit of bridal fun and it was magic.  The grasses were tall and golden, the light was beautiful, she looked amazing and the leaves were turning.  If that isn’t a recipe for gorgeous photos I just don’t know what is.

Mallory, I hope you enjoy a quick sneak peek!  Thanks for spending the afternoon with me and for being so amazing!! Much love, TrishD15_005D15_011 D15_003D15_012 D15_006 D15_002 D15_010   D15_014

Patricia & Todd and Little Damien Visit Park City! Park City Family Photography

About a week ago Todd & Patricia came to visit us from NYC with their little boy Damien.  We’ve photographed them a few times through the years and they’ve become amazing friends.   We had such a fun visit until everyone got sick!! That part of it was no fun at all.  Luckily they were finally able to catch a plane back to New York after being sick for the last three days of their trip and it was such a relief.  Giada had the sickness and they it just sort of traveled around our families.  Another parenting lesson learned!

Well, half way through their trip, they decided it would be a great day to do photos.  So we went out to the old train yard, which was pretty crazy exciting for Damien!  He was a little jumping bean! and of course he just didn’t want to be still, which we all totally understood–it’s just part of the awesome excitement of being a kid.  So we shifted gears and went for some seriously fun editorial shooting.  And I was reminded of how it is to be a mom.  Often times you’re taking photos of whatever you can but likely take very few photos of yourself with your husband or baby.  So, I thought, let’s just focus on what makes this family wonderful.  And it was magic:).

Todd & Patricia & Damien, we love you guys!! Thank you so much for visiting.  We miss you already and wish you’d just move here and be our neighbors.  Hope you enjoy a quick sneak peek and sending love and hugs from Utah! xoxo, Trish & Jared & GiadaJRE142 JRE136  JRE143 JRE137 JRE144 JRE146 JRE148 JRE150 JRE173 JRE153b Untitled-1 JRE156 JRE164 JRE165 JRE168b