Melissa & Pete, Married in Tiburon, California!!

This past weekend, I had the opportunity to photograph the wedding a someone we absolutely adore; our friend Melissa and her new husband Pete.  I felt really excited when she asked me to shoot her wedding because she is the twin sister of one of our best friends, which really meant a lot to me.  The minute she asked me, I began to plan…I thought to myself…I’m going to give Melissa the most beautiful wedding images ever.  And to boot, I’ll be in California shooting which was a double bonus!!

It’s truly a joy to photograph people you love and care about…at least it is for me.  It’s an opportunity for me to share my love of photography with my closest friends, but it’s also an opportunity to do my absolute best to create something truly beautiful and magnificent for them to remember the biggest day of their lives.  I know how much my marriage means to me, so I wanted to be sure Melissa was going to have her dream wedding with the man of her dreams and the photos to prove it!:)

I can’t say enough wonderful things about this family.  They’ve really become a part of our family.  Melissa and her sister Rhiannon have become like sisters to me.  And, their parents have become like great friends that my husband and I look forward to seeing each year when we visit them in California.  These people mean the world to us, so when I say this is likely my biggest blog post ever, hopefully you’ll understand why.

Melissa was absolutely stunning that day!  More beautiful and radiant than I had ever seen her.  Quite possibly the happiest bride ever, and when Pete showed up, well, let’s just say the smiles between them were non-stop!  Which made for awesome photos!

Melissa & Pete, Jared and I couldn’t be happier for you.  We love you both and are looking forward to a lifetime of vacations and fun with you!  We wish you all the happiness the world has to offer and all the love you can hold in your hearts and arms.   Hope you both enjoy your sneak peek…and look forward to sharing all the rest!! Love, love, love you guys!! Trish



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Welcome to the family Melissa…

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Super fun First Sighting!!

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Kencee & Josh welcome not one baby, but two!! Park City Newborn Twin Baby Photography!

Had a super fun afternoon yesterday spending time with Kencee & Josh and their two new adorable babies!! Boy, these boys were just wonderful!! There were no tears, no fussing, just sleepy babies where were very well connected to each other through their brotherly bond.

It’s always amazing seeing new parents, but seeing new parents with twins is just incredible.  But these two were operating like a finely oiled machine.  They’ve got their routine down and seeing their babies so happy you could tell that they knew it too!  The baby’s room was just adorable; Kencee & Josh have put a lot of love into it to make it super cute!

The only casualty of the day was really poor Josh…he changed shirts like three times and even had to change his pants once.  Little Ben sort of made a habit of relieving himself every time Josh came around to comfort him.  Not going to lie, we were all cracking up!

Kencee & Josh, thank you so much for having me in your home and your lives; I’m so happy for you guys and it’s wonderful to see you now as parents:).  Enjoy your sneak peek!  much love, TrishKJTNB0013 KJTNB0001 KJTNB0007b KJTNB0006 KJTNB0008sKJTNB0010b  KJTNB0005 KJTNB0026 KJTNB0024 KJTNB0032 KJTNB0034 KJTNB0033 mom KJTNB0017 KJTNB0012 KJTNB0015 all

Jenny & Her Wonderful Family in Park City!! Park City Family Portraits

Today was a super fun day…although it was just bitter cold, and I mean cold, Jenny and her wonderful family did their best to keep their game faces on, smile as big as they could and enjoy a fun family portrait session during their vacation to Deer Valley.

This trip was special to them because as kids, they traveled with their grandparents to Deer Valley for skiing vacations; and now, they were sharing the same experience with their kids and their Poppa!  That’s what’s great about the Park City & Deer Valley area, it’s the perfect place for a family adventure and it’s so nice to see such great people keeping a family tradition alive!   And their kids were just very sweet and adorable which made the session a breeze!

Jenny, hope you and your family enjoy this sneak peek and all this wonderful powder that’s coming our way this weekend!! Much love, Trish

JDB0002 two JDB0009 JDB0005 JDB0004 JDB0007 dad JDB0001  babyJDB0027bSomeone got very excited once it came to photo time with his brother!! 4 JDB0019And then someone got very serious again!:) JDB0020 THREE