Anna, Eric & Little Piper!! Cuteness Overload!! Park City Portrait Photography!

Spent yesterday with The Davison family!! And I just love them!! We photographed Anna & Eric’s wedding a few years ago, and a few years before that we photographed her brother’s wedding, so we’ve just really grown to love these wonderful people:)  What’s more is that when we moved to Park City, we discovered that Eric’s family is local to Park City.   It has worked out just great as Anna and I love to visit and hang out especially now that we both have babies.  Just very excited about not only photographing them, but also just having them in our lives even more.

Their baby Piper just really makes them both glow with joy.  She’s such a happy baby and so loved by this entire family.  She’s one lucky girl!  And beautiful to boot!

Anna & Eric, thank you for being so amazing.  We’re just so glad to have reconnected with you and to spend time with you in a place we all love.  Piper is absolutely GORGEOUS!  And such a sweet, sweet, happy baby.  Excited for her and little Giada to grow up together.    Hope you enjoy the quick sneak peek!  Much love, Trish

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Susanne & Paul Are Expecting!! Las Vegas & Park City Maternity Photography

This weekend I also had the total joy of being reunited with one of my past couples for their maternity sessions–Paul & Susanne.  They’re welcoming their first baby too so it was a super fun maternity filled weekend of photos!

I love seeing Paul & Susanne.  We had a great bond when we first met for their wedding photography and seeing them now was just as great.  It’s like I just saw them yesterday and we never lost touch.  It’s so fun to be included on such a big part of their lives because believe it or not, they’ve been together for 20 years as a couple and only married for 6!  So it’s really exciting that they’re welcoming their first baby.

Paul & Susanne, thank you for including me on the baby fun!  I’m excited for you both and know you’re just going to absolutely love being a family. You guys are going to be great parents with all this love you’ve shared together for all these years.  Wishing you love and happiness, TrishCF0039 CF0022 CF0024 CF0025 CF0041 CF0026 CF0028 CF0037 CF0023 CF0038 CF0036 CF0042 CF0046

Amie & Wayne Are Having a Baby!! Las Vegas & Park City Maternity Photography

Had a great shoot on Friday with a super cool couple that we just love; Amie & Wayne.  These two are expecting their first baby!  And they’re going to be amazing parents.  This kid is going to be so lucky to have such fun, cool parents that are bound to be the most loving mom & dad ever:)

Since we met them, they’ve always been so kind and sweet to us, we just think the world of them.  And it was a total joy to share this big moment in their lives as they document this wonderful event.  Amie & Wayne, we love you guys and are so excited for you both!  Wishing you guys the very best!  Much love, Trish & JaredCF0011 CF0007 CF0001b CF0003 CF0006 CF0002 CF0008 CF0019 CF0016 CF0010 CF0014 CF0020b

The Swisher Family! Park City, Utah Family Portraits

We love the Swisher family!  These wonderful people are some of the sweetest people we know here in Park City!  They’re from Vegas too and are great friends with our friends Stephanie & Jeremy.  They were introduced to us last year and we’ll, we just love them.  And what’s more is that they are also big animal lovers just like us.  So for the last two years, they’ve been great enough to enjoy an after noon with me shooting family photos.  They love something fun and funky for their family photos, which is right up my alley.  Swisher family, we love you and hope to see you again next year!! Happy New Year!! Much love, TrishI_0028 I_0177 I_0126 I_0076 I_0166

Cameron & Her Family in Deer Valley, Utah! Deer Valley Portrait Photographer

My last shoot of the holiday weekend was with an absolutely awesome family.  Kitty and her family were so warm and welcoming I was pretty sure I should just stay and spend the holiday weekend with them!  They were so welcoming and fun, it was a complete joy to be with them.  They also brought along their furry friend Brick who I very much enjoyed meeting and cuddling with.  Hope you guys return to Deer Valley soon!  Much love, Trish

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The Mackay Family at the Colony, Park City, Utah! Park City Portrait Photographer

Last week I had a chance to photograph the Mackay family here at their home in the Colony in Park City, Utah.  What a wonderful family!  They were celebrating the holidays as well as celebrating their daughter’s engagement with a family trip to Park City!  These kids were amazing!  They did such a great job focusing on the camera and doing their best to make a wonderful family portrait.    We had a really great time and I know they’ll be enjoying these photo memories of their Park City vacation forever.  Thank you for sharing part of your holiday with me:) JM0002 JM0030 JM0038 JM0045 JM0059 JM0066 JM0068

The Cohn Family at McPolin Barn! Park City Portrait Photography

Had a super fun time with the Cohn family last weekend!  These people were awesome!! It was only about 8 degrees outside, but thankfully they were all in for photo fun.  The shoot was scheduled by Buzz, father and grandfather to this wonderful group to celebrate his 75th birthday!  He wanted some nice family photos that were pretty straightforward in order to capture the grand kids as their family keeps growing.  It was a bluebird day here in Park City at the McPolin Barn which made for a gorgeous backdrop.  Thank you Cohn family for being so great to work with and Happy Birthday Buzz!! (3)B1RET bf0042 bf0021RETPRINT bf0059 bf0025 bf0052 bf0040