Adam & Ben Turn 1!! Park City Twin Baby Photographer

Yesterday I spent the afternoon photographing one of my favorite families and their adorable 1 year old sons Ben & Adam.  So everytime I go to photograph this family, the morning starts perfect, great skies, no wind; but inevitably, by the time the shoot starts, the wind is in high gear!  I’ve photographed them four times now and each time, there’s been wind!  But despite the wind, the sky was amazing yesterday and they were in great spirits ready for some family photo fun.

Adam was of course all smiles as usual.  Seems like he’s always been pretty smiley ever since he was little and Ben is well…a bit more serious.  But still absolutely adorable!  He’s just sweet and really loves his mommy:).    Overall, it was a great shoot with some incredible backdrops and lots of giggles.

Kencee & Josh, hope you guys like the pics.  Enjoy your sneak peek and all the rest of your adorable photos!! Muah! Trish

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Little Francisco…Man Was It Cold!!

A few weeks ago one of my favorite clients came to Vegas for a family shoot…but oddly enough…it was so brutally cold, it actually began to snow during our shoot…and little Francisco was just freezing cold, so we all decided on a reshoot.  But I was going through the shots and found some that I thought were just adorable that I wanted to share with his parents because we just love them!  So, D’anza & Oscar, here are just a few moments of zen from our freezing cold shoot.  Thank you guys so much for coming up, and I’m excited to shoot you again once it’s warmer!! MUAH!! Trishf2-302 f2-306 f2-305 f2-311 Untitled-1 f2-304

Piper is 1!! Baby’s First Birthday Cake! Cuteness Overload!! Park City Portrait Photography

Had a fun Saturday afternoon with little Piper as she turned the big “1”!!!  It was her first birthday so mama Anna, who’s also an incredible pastry chef and starting her own cake business (yeah!!), decided to make Piper a beautiful butter cream frosted cake!!  Which was delicious incidentally:)

Piper was a little unsure at first….so it took her a little while to open up to the idea of smashing the cake and making a mess, but once she was cool with the idea, she started having some fun.  Just an adorable baby having an adorably fun birthday!!   We love you Piper!! Happy Birthday little beautiful baby girl!!

TT199 TT216 TT204two three TT203 TT208 TT212  TT209  TT214

The Robledo Family Welcomes Beautiful Sophia!! Las Vegas Portrait Photographer!

Monday was another wonderful day that I got to spend with another family that I love; the Robledos!! It’s no secret that Rich and Sarah and I have been plotting to marry off my daughter to their son Sebastian, but this week, they welcomed the most adorable little lady every…Sophia!! She’s just a tiny little miracle:)  This dark haired, dark eyed beauty was only 4 days old when I went to photograph her, however, SHE WAS AWAKE as can be!! Most of the time if I photograph babies in the first 7 days of life, they sleep…and we can do all kinds of fun stuff, but not this little miss!  She was busy checking out all the surroundings and sounds and cuddling with mommy.  So we were sort of limited, but I think what we shot was just beautiful.  And of course little man Sebastian himself was kind enough to join us for just a few quick shots and I even got a tiny smile from Sophia!:)

Sarah & Rich, we are over the moon happy for you guys!  We just love you both and Sebastian so much that we’re so excited to see your family grow and be a part  of it.  Next time, I promise I’ll capture both of these beautiful kiddos!!  Enjoy your sneaker peeker!! Muah! TrishSR062 SR053 SR059 SR066 SR061

Oh sure Sebastian…I’d love some help…bring your cute hairdo over here!!:)

SR063 SR064 SR065 SR068

The Trindade Family at Wetlands Park! Las Vegas & Park City Family Photography!!

The Sunday fun continued with an awesome shoot with a super fun new family; the Trindades!!  This adorable family with these adorable boys and a new baby on the way were just completely up for fun as it was their first family photo shoot.:)

We hit Wetlands Park and it was just the perfect time of day; great skies, hardly anyone there and basically the whole place to ourselves.  The kids were just having a good ole’ time running around and Diana & Jason were just being an awesome mom and dad having fun with them.  It was the perfect day for family fun in the park and photos!

DT028DT033 DT032 DT031  DT023 DT021boys DT010 boys2  DT013 DT014 DT020DT035b

The Turnes Twins Are Here!! Park City & Las Vegas Portrait Photography

Last Sunday was an awesome day.  One of my favorite clients has officially welcomed the most adorable set of twins into their lives and I got to spend the morning photographing them and their family.  One of the greatest joys of being a photographer is truly watching families grow and being a part of their lives.  We photographed Kristin & Josh’s wedding many years ago now, and I later photographed her daughter Addison, who seems to be so grown up now (and way more cooperative:)), their son Jack, who has just become the most adorable giant little boy ever and now their beautiful twins Rowan & Hadley.  I was touched that she had asked me to photograph them, so I did my best to give her something truly beautiful to remember this incredible event in their lives.  And I’m so excited they’ve got such an amazing family that includes a set of twin sisters and wonderful parents.

Kristin & Josh, we love you guys.  We can’t tell you how happy we are to see you as such amazing parents and to be a part of your lives.  I know it’s like we’ve all grown up together, but I think that’s a wonderful thing.  Anyway, hope you enjoy the pics of these beautiful little bundles of joy.  They are magic these two:).

TT039 TT051 TT037 TT040 TT036

Addison is a big sister now.  So proud to hold these babies!! She’s such a little beauty!


Mother, Grandmother; twin daughters and granddaughters….


Twin sisters loving twin nieces…

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