Jon & Katrina are Engaged!! Love in Park City!! Park City Engagement Photography

Had an awesome Sunday about a week and a half ago….spent morning and evening with two amazing people and actors….Jon & Katrina.  I met Katrina because she’s been loving my daughter at story time for the last year.  We quickly became friends and honestly, she is amazing.  So talented and just so giving.  And her voice…well, let’s just say I don’t know a lot of people with quite so much talent in one person!! And then I met her fiance Jon…She told me, and Jon probably doesn’t know this, that she thought Jon was the one just about a week before he proposed.  She said ” I think this is it. He’s it!”  And I knew I wanted to shoot their photos.  She was in love and it was so wonderfully obvious when I met him that he was too.
With this much talent and love in one household, I can’t even begin to imagine what an adventure they’re going to have as husband and wife!!:)  Jon & Katrina, I hope you enjoy your quick sneak peek.  MUAH!! Trish0004pfCOMP0443kf 0440kf 0416kfv2 0417kf Untitled-1 0420kf 0419kf 0431kf 0436kf 0438kf

Xavier is officially 1 Year Old….And then Some! Las Vegas Childrens Photography

Well, it’s been a great year photographing Amie & Wayne and their son Xavier!! He’s now officially about 15 months I believe, but we wanted to wait until he was walking before we did his big one year old shoot.  And it was completely worth waiting for!  This little guy was a little unsure of the new environment of Red Rock Canyon, but he was running and smiling in no time…And then there were the hat and shades!! Seemed to make him right at home!! He’s such a completely amazing little guy; he loves, loves, loves mommy & daddy:).  It was wonderful to share this big event in their lives after having our studio photograph their wedding and engagement session.  Best part of my job is watching our clients grow up and get married….and then watching them start their families.  It’s really more magical than I ever imagined.  Amie & Wayne, love this little man and hope you enjoy the pics! xoxo, Trish0002xb 0001xb 0006xb 0007xb 0008xbMommy’s are amazing…and Amie is no exception.  Xavier has the most fun going after her hairdo:) 0009xb 0010xbHello ladies….can I help you… 0012xb 0013xb

Baby Hannah is Finally Here!! Park City Newborn Photography, Park City Baby Photographer

It has been an awesome week of fun shoots and to boot, last week I got to photograph someone we love very much; little Hannah and her mommy & daddy.  Sarah & Robert, Hannah’s parents are pretty special to us.  Sarah used to work for us at the studio and she seriously has some of the most gorgeous wedding photos we’ve ever photographed.  And having her share her newborn baby experience with me just really was amazing.  So awesome to see these two as parents.  Talk about two people who are just going to be the best mom & dad ever! Sarah & Robert, we love you and now we love little Hannah too!! Enjoy a quick sneak peek!! xoxo, Trish0250SRH 0246SRH 0236SRH 0245SRH 0237SRH 0243SRH 0247SRH

Ashley & Jim’s Life Session in Park City, Utah! Park City Engagement Portraits, Park City Photographer

Last week I had a super fun shoot with Ashley & Jim while they were on vacation here in Park City!! We seriously had a blast.  These two were just so sweet to each other and absolutely IN LOVE that it was just wonderful to spend the morning with them.    Plus they are just hilarious! It seemed like the session went so fast because we were all having so much fun that it was like a flash in time.  Ashley & Jim, thank you so much for spending your morning with me and part of your vacation.  You two are AWESOME!! And it’s always great to be around people in a loving relationship.  I’m glad Ashley’s mom let you into her heart:)  Enjoy your quick sneaker peeker! Lots more coming!! xoxo, Trish0158AJ 0152AJ 0157AJ 0161AJ 0165AJ 0153AJ 0167AJ 0166AJ 0168AJ 0151AJ

The Pilko Wedding! Janet & George Tie The Knot in Park City! Park City Wedding Photography

Last week I had the pleasure of hanging out with an awesome family; The Pilkos!  They became a client last year after visiting our gallery in Park City, Utah and before we knew it, we were all together for family photos as well as fine art for their home in Deer Valley.  They are just some of the sweetest folks around.  Just an amazing family, and this year, we all came together for George and Janet to make it official.  They’re now husband and wifey.
It was a really fun afternoon with them; a quick ceremony at the Episcopal church and then off to nature for some gorgeous family pics.  George & Janet, Jared and I congratulate you on getting hitched.  Being married has been one of the greatest joys of our lives and we know it’ll just bring more love in to your home.  Wishing you a wonderful marriage!  Enjoy the pics! xoxo, Trish0080PW two 0063PW 0105PW 0200PW 0223PW 0209PW 0244PW 0259PW 0263PW 0309PW 0323PW 0341PW 0357PW 0361PW 0372PW