Jason & Kara, A Proposal In Deer Valley! Deer Valley Proposal Photography

This past weekend I was able to shoot something really really fun; Jason & Kara’s Sleigh Ride Proposal!  They were wonderful and it was wonderful!

Jason contacted me a few weeks ago with an awesome email telling me about how he had planned to propose to Kara in a very elaborate plan that unfortunately wasn’t able to happen 3 years ago.  He continued and mentioned that he and she were returning to Park City & Deer Valley and that he wanted to seize the opportunity to share this magical experience with her now.  He told me he felt like she should have the fairy tale….I couldn’t agree more.  Especially after meeting his beautiful wife.  She was so sweet and kind, and you could see that he was just spinning in her midst.  So great to be around people in love enjoying a weekend away from the kids and having some time to themselves.

It was just wonderful. I waited in the Stein Erickson Lodge for them and then we told Kara about the shoot…she said…”ok”. She was surprised of course!   We started with an impromptu photoshoot in the aspens and their amazing florist, Kellie of Artisan Bloom, did a wonderful job setting up a romantic interlude on our sleigh ride.  It was a wonderful surprise for Kara, We posed, we giggled and we had a great time! And the set up by Artisan Bloom was just beautiful! Our last stop was their dinner at the Mariposa in Deer Valley, so some quick pics there too!

Kara & Jason, thank you so much for sharing this cool event in your lives with me.  It was just a great evening.  A very very cold evening, but a great one!! Sending you both lots of love, Trish0013rm 0001rm aspens 0002rm 0003rm 0009rm 0010rm 0016rm horse 0022rm  proposal 0034rm 0036rm 0035rm 0038rm two

Michael & Rachel Welcome Baby Maya! Park City Newborn Photography! Park City Family Photography!

This past week I finished up a shoot with two wonderful people, Rachel who works at our gallery and her husband Michael…oh and one other little person; Baby Maya!  What a little super star this little baby is!! She’s just perfect.  I’ve seen her a few times and never a tear, and I think it’s cause she’s so loved:).  Had a really fun newborn session with her to welcome her to the world and shower her with photo love.  Also got to meet Michael’s great grand parents and Rachel’s dad as they joined in on the shoot to keep Maya consistently loved and cared for.  I’m loving the photos as there’s just nothing better to me than photographing people we care about.  Rachel & Michael, hope you enjoy this quick sneak peek and sorry to keep you waiting.  Been a busy few weeks!!  Love love love this beautiful bundle of joy and her little smile!!  xoxo, Trish0266LS 0261LS 0271LS 0267LS 0260LS Untitled-1 0262LS 0259LS 0265LS 0263LS 0258LS

Darlene & Ryan and Their Entire Family in Vegas! Las Vegas Family Portraits!

My week in Vegas was filled with great shoots! But what was really fun was seeing a couple who’s wedding I photographed almost 10 years ago.  Darlene & Ryan gave me a shout about a month ago telling me they were coming to Vegas and would I shoot their family photos….I was like…um….YESSSSS!! One of the greatest joys of my job is watching these wonderful couple’s families grow.  It’s now Darlene, Ryan, Devin and Rin.  These kids are super happy, active and very loved!  Plus, their parents and Darlene’s brother and his family joined in on the fun!  Just a great way to spend the morning.   Great to see everyone after all this time!

Darlene & Ryan, we just love you guys!! And your kiddos are just pure sunshine!! Hope you guys enjoy the quick sneak peek! Lots more coming very soon!! Love, Trish0236LS 0249LS 0240LS 0243LS 0244LS 0248LSThat Devin was like a little super hero so I wanted to capture him in action! Untitled-1 0247LSSo what do I love about this picture? Well was trying to get a shot of Darlene’s mom loving the kids, but Rin was restless…and next thing I knew Devin was giving her some love to comfort her.  Just a wonderful moment.  Love her little face. 0241LS