The Swisher Family Park City Holiday Portraits

Had a good time last Sunday photographing the Swisher family here in Park City, Utah for their family portraits!  These sweet people were friends of some of our friends in Vegas, and it all just happened to work out timing wise to get them in for portraits before the leaves completely disappeared like they are disappearing today after last nights 5 inches of snowfall!  It went from sunny to snowy in a flash and I suspect all the leaves have vanished now.

Their adorable daughter Taylor was just super fun and super smiley!  Absolutely gorgeous actually, and it was really obvious how much these two parents just love her and their doggy.  Steve & Lisa, thank you so much for sharing the afternoon with me and hope you enjoy the sneak peek of your pics!  Cheers! Trish

Lisa-0001 Lisa-0004 Lisa-0007 Lisa-0005b

And then their wonderful puppy joined in on the fun!Lisa-0012

Quick romantic shot of Lisa & Steve in the tall grass….:)Lisa-0028 Lisa-0030 Lisa-0036

Just love these mother & daughter pics…they look like sisters!! Just beautiful!Lisa-0031 Lisa-0033 Lisa-0034Lisa-0024

Baby Colten is here! Park City Portrait Photography

Had a super fun morning on Sunday photographing Calvi and Eric’s newborn baby Colten. This baby is sooooo cute!! He’s just a little peanut with the sweetest face.:)

Eric her hubby was out of town so it was just Calvi and I and her mom, which was great cause it gave us a chance to catch up since I haven’t seen her really since their wedding….but…It’s so funny because when I arrived he, the baby, was completely out, so Calvi and I were ready to go to town with this baby and really move him around for our pics…..BUT….the moment we picked him up–he was UP!! And after that, we just kept trying to get him to sleep….our fun ideas of doing all kinds of silly stuff was short lived, but we still got some great images.

Calvi, you are a complete natural…it’s like you were meant to be a mom. Seeing you with this baby and how much you adore him was just wonderful. Can’t wait for you and Eric to be home together so you can really start having some serious baby fun!! Congrats to both of you on the birth of this gorgeous baby!! xoxo, Trish

AK0326 AK0332 AK0328b AK0335 AK0331 AK0330 AK0334 AK0336

Sam’s Senior Session Park City Senior Portraits

Had a super fun time today shooting Sam’s Senior Portrait Session here in Park City, Utah!

Sam is just gorgeous; she’s funny, confident, athletic….everything every girl would want to be.  When I first met her, I just loved the fact that she was so well spoken and just knows what she wants.    She’s that beautiful girl next door.

When her mom asked if I would photograph her with her horse, I had no idea what an adventure it would be.  She and her mom learned very quickly that animals just love me.  It’s a gift I’ve always had… No matter where animals are around me, they will somehow find themselves in my orbit and it always cracks me and my clients up.  And today was no different.  No matter where I went, the other horses were glued to my every move…as well as their adorable dog Sage.  So not only did I make some new people friends today, but today I also made some new animal friends:). It was hilarious!

Despite the high winds and clouds and possibility of rain, Sam rocked it…

Sam & Stacy, thank you so much for sharing your day and your lives with me.  It was really wonderful to get to know you both today and I hope you enjoy your sneak peek!! Lots more beautiful pics coming your way soon!  xoxo, TrishCJM0003 CJM0006 CJM0011 CJM0002 CJM0013 CJM0008 CJM0010 CJM0012

Sam has a photo of herself walking down this road as a very little girl…funny in this picture photographed today, I still see that little girl….

CJM0015 CJM0019

Carly & Joshua are welcoming a baby!! Park City Maternity Photographer


Sunday was an absolute BLAST as I spent the afternoon with two incredible people–Carly & Joshua in the stunning fall colors of Park City, Utah!  She is a stunning baby mama!

This beautiful couple is getting ready to welcome their first baby and boy was she kicking!! It was a gorgeous day for Park City Maternity Portraits, and let me tell you, we were giggling, hootin’ and just plan having some serious fun.  This couple is so sweet and funny…they were just wonderful to photograph and hang out with.   It’s funny because Carly basically just couldn’t keep a straight face…the giggling was pretty much non-stop…we’d get her to hold it together for a few minutes, and then the nonsense just took over for all of us.

What’s really wonderful about maternity photo sessions is that it’s such an amazing and exciting time in a couple’s lives.  There’s so much anticipation, excitement and possibly a hint of fear, that I just do my very best to keep people focused on all the new love that is coming into their lives and the best parts of themselves and their love for each other.  It’s a really exciting time and I’m just so grateful to be a small part of it.:)


Joshua & Carly, I wish you all the happiness and love you can hold in your hearts and very soon, in your arms!! Much love, Trish0003CJB

0010CJB0017CJB  0016CJB

Again the giggling was just awesome!

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