The Adcock Family In Park City, Utah! Park City Family Photography; Park City Portraits

Saturday morning I was up bright and early to photograph the Adcock Family out in Glenwide.  These people were troopers!  I have to admit before I showed up at their house, they kept warning me about their large family….and “was I up for it…”:) Of course I was up for it!  And they were all really great! Charlie & Sue have a wonderful home that’s perfect for entertaining such a large family!  And Cathie and her family were also just wonderful!  Before the shoot Charlie & Sue were kind enough to have me stop over for a quick visit so he could help me select the best spot for the shoot and I think it worked out great.  I hope you all had a super fun week together for the family reunion and hope you enjoy your quick sneak peek!  Much love, Trish0031FULL 0034CSb 0035CSb 0036CSb 0037CSb 0033CSbRET 0038CSb 0041CSb 0039CSb 0043CSb